Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tips for Going from Full Time to Blog Time

By Kathryn

Making the leap from a regular paycheck to a freelance or independent paycheck brings up concerns and worries in the best of us. No matter what the field that you are entering or leaving, stepping out on your own can be a leap of faith. The best way to prepare for that leap is to make a plan.
Plan for Becoming a Writer

    1. Start with a budget. You know how much you need to make each week and month so begin to save your money towards that amount. The goal is to have around six months worth of income set back before you leap out on your own.

    2. Create a business plan. Having money set aside is great but knowing how to get money when you step out on your own is just as important. Lay out where you plan to find jobs, find income opportunities and what you will face along the way.

    3. Build up a support system. Stepping out on your own does not mean stepping out alone. Gather around friends and family that will encourage you along your new journey.

    4. Find support in your field. Look around the internet and around your community to find support for and from other entrepreneurs.

Taking a leap into full time writing (online or otherwise) is not for everyone. It is important to build up some income reserve to help pull you through any tough times. Finding support for your new journey will also help see you through.

Going full time with a blog does not have to mean leaving a regular job to make the leap. Set aside an hour a day or one day a week to create posts for your blog. As your following builds and your writing increases you may find that the switch from regular job to blogger is as natural as the change in seasons.

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