Friday, October 29, 2010

Best Post of the Week: Week Seventy-Two

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blogger Spotlight: Karen's Korner

I have a bloggerversary coming up on Halloween. (I thought it would be fun to do a giveaway so if you want to help me celebrate my special day click this link and enter) I thought. I also have become part of the Alabama Bloggers so in order to introduce myself to you guys I thought I would take you back on a trip in time. My very first post was on Wednesday, October 31st, 2007. I was a newish preachers wife and learning about life as a pastor's wife. Frank becoming a preacher is kind of a funny tale. I had a dream.....and name is not Martin Luther Korb....but in my dream we were in seminary somewhere in Texas and poor....very poor. I dream a lot and some of my dreams actually have come true. My mom used to tell me I had a third eye like her and could sometimes see the future. I always thought that was poppycock. I shared my dream with Frank the next morning and laughed....thinking he would too....but he didn't. He had a most perplexed look on his face. The next day in the Walmart parking lot he told me he had something serious he wanted to tell me....Come on I thought....serious conversation in the Walmart parking lot! Truthfully I thought he was going to tell me my parents had to go. I was braced for that....what I was not braced for was what he DID say. Frank told me that my dream had hit close to home and it was time to stop running from God. He had talked to our Associate Pastor at the First United Methodist Church and he had sent him to the District Superintendent. Frank was going to licensing school to become a Local Pastor. Huh? And what was the time frame of this going to be I wondered. Visions of seminary in Texas flooded my brain. Licensing school would take a week and then MAYBE he would get a church the next June. Appointments were already in the works for this year. I would have a year to digest holds true to form with my life...that was not the case. Frank's first appointment was that very June in 2007. The church was a small church in Waverly, AL just outside of Auburn, AL. It was a part time appointment so he would still have to have a full-time job and at some point go back to school. My very first post was about my life from June to October as a pastor's wife and it looked like this:

"Wednesday, October 31, 2007 -Wow! Today is Halloween and I have been a preacher's wife since June. It has been an interesting ride to say the least. Who would have ever thought that at age 53 I would be putting my walk where my mouth is! My husband Frank is the pastor at Waverly United Methodist Church and we are loving it. Sitting on the second row every Sunday as he delivers the message to his congregation is really exciting. I have learned so much just being quiet and still. Here is my thought for today. So many times we get to caught up in the busyness of the world that we miss the business of doing God's work. I truly believe that God put me in Waverly to teach me that lesson. He knows that for one hour on Sunday morning I am still and know that He is God. God is Great! See you soon, Karen"

Three years later I am still a pastor's wife, sitting on the second row of a different church, Rock Mills United Methodist, and still loving to hear my husband deliver the message each and every Sunday. There is a slight difference. Rock Mills is a bigger church AND I am now a certified lay speaker and can fill pulpits myself when needed. Last Sunday was laity Sunday at our church and I delivered the message. The congregation had never heard me speak and when I was through one of our little ladies told Frank they were going to fire him and hire me. That was a big boost for my self-esteem I can tell you. I am a huge Beth Moore, Patsy Clairmont, et al. fan and being in the pulpit was exhilarating to say the least. I am a story teller by nature, teacher by trade, preacher's wife by design, a singer, traveler and blogger by desire. I love my life and love what I do. Have not read my blog yet? Well there is a lot of stuff there. I share my life (living with a dad dying from cancer, a mom with dementia, children, teaching, stuff), I share photos (I love to be behind a camera....not in front of one), I share silly stuff, I share recipes, I share things that will make you cry or think, I share my sermons for you to comment on and help me improve, I open my home and heart to you and let you take a walk through. There in Karen's Korner there is a little something for everything. Hope you will stop in and have a cup of coffee with me and become my new bloggy friend.

If you would like to introduce yourself and your blog to the rest of the Alabama Bloggers, email me at!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Christmas Shopping: By Hand Boutique

I’m going to try and feature some upcoming opportunities for Christmas Shopping, as we have an abundance of wonderful arts and crafts festivals this time of the year – some huge and well-known, and some smaller and harder to find.

One of those that you may not have heard of yet is By Hand Boutique, coming to Moody, Alabama (just East of Birmingham) November 12-13.

poster one

By Hand Boutique is a market made up of more than thirty local artists and crafters that make a variety of well-made items that are great for gifts.

They have a blog, By Hand Boutique, where they have featured some of the artists, and you can see some of their amazing creations! They are also currently hosting a giveaway at their blog for two $25 gift certificates to the market.


By Hand Boutique
November 12th, 7-9pm and November 13th, 9am-4pm
Hosted by Community Presbyterian Church, 825 Oak Blvd. Moody, Alabama

If you know of more great Christmas shopping festivals, bazaars, or shows, please feel free to email me at

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

20 Newly Listed Alabama Bloggers in October!

October has been a busy month - we have 20 new bloggers that have requested to be listed at Alabama Bloggers! I hope that all of you will go visit them and welcome them to the network!

c.a Marks at Carol Marks Online (North Alabama)
Hannah at Peggy Ann Design (Auburn)
Angela at eatBHM (Birmingham)
William Bruce at The William Bruce Discussion (South Alabama)
Anna at Recipes for Newlyweds (Birmingham)
Chris Davis at Dad Creates (Birmingham)
Christi at Butterbean and Peanut
Jenny at Gluten Free Birmingham (Birmingham)
Rebekah at A New Song to Sing (Birmingham)
Becca at just one more trip (Birmingham)
B at just call me B
Sharon at Ivy Pottery and Crafts (Birmingham)
Magic City Post (Birmingham)
Jenny at Bits & Pieces of My Life
Strange Kid at Strange Kids Club
Captain Chris Nelson at The Kayak Captain (South Alabama)
Virginia at Birmingham Alabama Daily Photo (Birmingham)
Kelli at Restore Interiors (Birmingham)
Karen at Karen's Korner (East Alabama
Donya at My Beautiful Life

Be sure to welcome these new Alabama Bloggers members!!!!

Amy's Extraordinary Alabama: Frontier Days at Fort Toulouse

By Amy

If you've never been to Fort Toulouse/Fort Jackson for Frontier Days it is an experience worth the trip to Wetumpka. The reenactors stay in character and make it such an educational experience. You can click here for more information on the Frontier Days this year happening November 3-7.

First the canon at Ft. Toulouse. They do fire it. It's interesting to observe, but loud.


Within Ft Toulouse they have barracks where the reenactors sleep during the frontier days. They also have ladies cooking and baking. The bread of course caught my eye.



DS being all boy, pretending he is in a battle.


The French flag in Ft. Toulouse.


Of course DS was attracted to the firearms. :)


The reenactors come out to do a drill.




The Native Americans doing a stomp dance in their historical dress. Some have turtle shells they have made into leg wraps to make music as they dance.


One of my favorite instruments - the hammered dulcimer. It makes such beautiful music.


Ladies participating in the frontier days weave yarn and dye it with natural elements native to the area. I love the blue yarn.

A sleeping tent for one of the Native Americans.


Ft. Toulouse and Ft. Jackson are located on the Coosa River.


Of course there were people in an area selling wares. These are some of the turtle shells with beans or something in them like the Native Americans used in the Stomp Dance.


The colorfulness of the rock candy caught my eye.


Puppets tied to her knee. She made them move by moving her leg around. Very interesting. She said these were predecessors of the marionettes.


Tents over on the Ft. Jackson side.


This guy was quite entertaining. He was really into his character and I love how I caught the smoke when he shot the rifle. It was very loud, too.


I can't remember who this guy was portraying, but they were really into their characters.


Again, what is it with boys and canons?


Loved the red wagon.


Saw this in the beat up road between the two areas. I don't really like hearts, but I couldn't help to snap a photo of it.


Food over in the Native American camp. Last year I was there early enough to see them actually skinning a deer. Kind of gross, but very interesting when you understand that's what they had to do to live and how none of it went to waste. They would trade the skins for anything they needed.


There were a few Englishmen near the French encampment.


So there you have it. Our little field trip in photos. If you have a chance you should definitely take your kiddos.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Needed: Guest Hosts and Guest Posts

For those of you who came out to either of the meet-ups we’ve had in the past couple weeks, you already know that I am quite great with child, and only getting greater.

I have 8 weeks, at the most, until I have my second child, so I could really use some more help around here, if anyone is interested.

First of all, I am planning on making it to the November meet-up, but after that, I would love to have guest meet-up hosts for the next 3-4 months.

Guest hosting isn’t a big deal – it just means that you’ll commit to being at the meet-up and saving a table for the number of people RSVP’ed to come.

And, if it makes it easier, you can pick the day, time, and place if you’d like, and I’ll publicize the meet-up here and on Twitter.

Although I’ve focused almost entirely on lunch meet-ups due to my schedule, there have been several people that have requested night meet-ups or meet-ups in other cities. If you would like to host a meet-up at another time or place, that is totally great with me.

Also, I love to have guest posters. I’ve always wanted this blog to be a concerted effort of all Alabama Bloggers and REALLY appreciate my current and past contributors. If you would like to write a standalone post or recurring posts, please let me know!! The topics can be anything that relates to the state or to blogging – I’m open to a very broad array!

If you’re interested in guest hosting or guest posting, please let me know! Comment here or email me at


Friday, October 22, 2010

October Meet-Up Recap, Links

We had a great time at Cantina today - the food there is excellent! I can't wait to go back. We also had a great mix of people, which led to some awesome (and very helpful!!) conversations!

Here are the links to all of our blogs so that we can find each other:

Nick from Cupboards
Alison from Ingredients, Inc
Rhoda from Southern Hospitality
Scott from RSS Birmingham and Random Bytes of Reality
Kim from Live from the 205
Sharon from Ivy Pottery and Crafts
Judi from Judi's Mind over Matter
Virginia from Birmingham, Alabama Daily Photo
Rachel from Alabama Bloggers and Grasping for Objectivity

Thanks to ALL of you for coming out - I had a great time visiting with you!

Watch for the November Meet-up announcement - the meet-up will either be the week before Thanksgiving or a combined November/December Meet-Up around the first week of December. Feel free to chime in your preference!

Best Post of the Week: Week Seventy-One

It's time to link in your best post of the week!

The purpose of this column is to make it easier to keep up with each other's blogs, so that even if we don't have time to read all of the Alabama Blogger blogs every day, at least we get the week's highlights.

So, link up, tell us why you linked that post, and let's start reading! And remember - the best way to get new blogging friends is to comment on other people's posts, so be sure to say "hi" to your neighbors when you visit!

p.s. - please feel free to interpret "this week" as loosely as you like!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Meet-Up Tomorrow!!!

Don't forget that our October meet-up will be tomorrow, (Friday, October 22nd) at 11:30am. We'll meet at Cantina on Highway 119 off of 280.

We have a great group of people that have already RSVP'ed, so I hope you can join us!!

We always have great conversations, both about and not about Social Media, and a ton of fun!

If you can come, be sure to RSVP so that I can save you a seat. But if you find out that you can at the last minute, still feel free to join us! I hope to see you there!!

The Twitter hashtag for the event is #AlaBlogMeet .

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dodiyo's, Homewood Alabama

By Leigh Bratina

Dodiyo's, Homewood Alabama

Dodiyós is a distinctive destination for fresh, seasonal flavors from every country that touches the Mediterranean Sea. You'll find authentic Greek dishes as well as foods from Spain, Italy, France, Turkey, the Balkans, North Africa and the Middle East. Exotic colors, rich woods, handmade textiles, and intriguing antiques and collectables grace a unique restaurant with all manner of seating, a lively tapas bar and even a small souk. Dodiyos is Birmingham's choice for a traditional Greek restaurant that offers all the flavors of the Mediterranean.

The restaurant features a 45-seat tapas/meze/cicchetti bar with rich red concrete and colorful textiles from Turkey. Spanish, Middle Eastern and Italian versions of small-plate foods are cooked while you watch.

It's casual, comfortable and perfect for conversation. In niches along the walls and on shelves here and there, you'll see a lifetime of collecting from countries throughout the Mediterranean basin. Centuries-old cabinets, a keystone that dates to Roman times, form-meets-function bowls and urns; a terra cotta chimney pot, and a marble plaque from an ancient fountain mix with contemporary pieces amid swatches of hand-woven, Anatolian rugs.

Foods are seasonal, fresh, varied and decidedly different with traditional and innovative dishes of lamb, beef, pork and poultry; lots of seafood; locally sourced produce; and even goat and wild game. Many of the dishes are unique to this restaurant, and all are imaginatively served on handmade ceramics and unique copper pieces. Special drinks and some wines are available nowhere else in our area.

There are "layers" of comfortable seating at dodiyós, accommodating every guest's mood for dining. The interactive tapas bar - a different kind of chef's table - is at the heart of this restaurant. People who prefer quieter dining (but still want to be part of the experience) will enjoy the tables surrounding the bar. You'll find plenty of cozy banquettes and even family-style seating at large, hand-hewn, wooden tables. Perimeter, interior cabanas will allow more seclusion for intimate groups. There are two totally separate private rooms for large-group dining and parties. And for those who love dining outdoors, there is plenty of patio seating, reminiscent of Plaka in Greece.

Restaurant owner, George Sarris: " I chose the name dodiyós for this restaurant because I want it to be a true family place (the name means mother, father, grandfather). But also, I saw this as an opportunity to honor the people who made me who I am today and my children who enrich my life every day. Dodiyós is much more than simply a name. It represents generations of taste."

My mother was my dining companion today. We dined for lunch , though they are serve an extensive dinner. When seated diners are given a small bowl of a feta/mayo spread that is drizzled in olive oil and comes with bread slices. I am not a mayo fan, so I did not care for the spread. My mother, however found it to be very good. Mother and I found the lunch menu a bit pricey and chose to split two dishes. We chose to split two "salads". The Greek Village Salad “Yorgos Salata” which is a cucumber-and tomato salad with onions, feta, extra-virgin olive oil and dried mountain oregano ($9.50). This salad was very pretty. The tomatoes, very fresh and deep red. The cucumbers, I would have preferred to be cut smaller. They were mostly the thick hard to chew outer skin. I would have preferred it to be cut completely off or at least in thinner stripes. I also think because the cucumber was so large that it had big seeds, which were cut leaving little of the fleshly. light green inner cucumber. The feta was a substantial cut and delicious.

The other salad we chose to share was the Konstadinos’ Greek Potato Salad. More like a side dish than a salad, it was big enough for two people easily. It really could be a meal. The baked potatoes were cut into chunks and baked sprinkled with salt and pepper, drizzled with olive oil and topped with green, red or white onions $5.95. Delicious! And my favorite thing we ate, mother agreed.

There is a dessert menu, but mother and I split something that was recommended by our waiter and not on the menu, Hazelnut Bread Pudding. It was served with chocolate syrup and fresh fruit and a dollop of cream. It was very rich and tasty.

Recently I posted about the fun of Tappas, and at Dodiyo's they have a traditional tappas menu.

1831 28th Avenue South, #110
(In Homewood's Soho Square)
Birmingham, Alabama 35209
Phone: 205.453.9300
Fax: 205.453.9303


Monday thru Thursday: 11:00am to 10:00pm
Friday & Saturday: 11:00am to 10:00pm
Dinner service begins at 3:00pm each day.
The Market opens daily at 10:00am


On Facebook

*Leigh is a full time mother, a part time photographer and writer. Her photography and written work is featured in several professional business and local publications. She owns her own photography business, Photographic Memories. Leigh resides in the Alabama with her three children and husband "Big Daddy". You can read more of Leigh's daily adventures by visiting any of her three blogs: Tales from Bloggeritaville , Plates and Places , as well as Photographic Memories Do Di Yo's on Urbanspoon

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lisa Leonard Event, and Why Meet in Person?

When I first started Alabama Bloggers, it was because I had been creating relationships with bloggers all over the country, but knew practically no other bloggers in my own backyard.

I knew that I wanted to do in-person meet-ups as part of the offerings of the site, but being a typical blogger and, therefore, quite introverted, I was going to put that off as long as possible.

However, the very first month on the job, a few people requested that we do a meet-up. So I swallowed my panic and planned one. I announced it on the blog and on twitter, and over twenty people said they were coming – none of whom I had ever met before!!

I was scared to death.

But, shockingly enough, I had an amazing time. It was great to get to meet and build relationships with other bloggers, to find out that everyone had the same blogging issues, thoughts, obsessions, and angst that I had, to share ideas, and to make new friends.

Yet, I’m still an introvert. Despite the fact that we’ve had an Alabama Bloggers meet-up nearly every month for the past year and a half and that I’ve now been to multiple blogging conferences and events around the country, I still get nervous before each and every new opportunity to "meet strangers" – but I know that it’s worth it.

So, when Lisa Leonard announced that she was coming from California to Alabama and asked me to help her, Rhoda, and Amanda plan a meet-up, I knew it would be an awesome opportunity to introduce more bloggers to the wonderful experience that meeting in real life can be.

And so we lured you out with cupcakes from Dreamcakes Bakery,

Fabulous jewelry to buy and to win,IMG_1107

And the opportunity to meet an amazing lady and social media star, Lisa Leonard:IMG_1112

And it was a success!! Granted, I knew that no men would be too interested in attending (When Nick Saban asks me to plan a blogger meet-up, maybe I’ll have more luck – ha!), but somewhere between 30-50 women came and visited over the two hours of the event.

And I was shocked at how far they were willing to come! People drove from Huntsville, Decatur, Montgomery, Alexander City, Ragland and Anniston to attend the meet-up!!!

All of the women that came stayed, visited, got to know each other, and, from what those that I had the chance to talk to, had a fabulous time.

And, hopefully they all now know that IRL meet-ups, although intimidating on the front side, can be great fun and a wonderful way to meet other bloggers!

IMG_1111from left to right: Me (and my huge baby belly), Lisa, Amanda, and Rhoda

If you came to the meet-up, link your blog up here so that we can all find each other! Feel free to link up the main URL to your blog, or the URL to a post about the event, if you wrote one.

Also, if you’d like to attend the next Alabama Bloggers monthly meet-up, it’s this upcoming Friday, 10/22, at 11:30 at Cantina on 280/119. (I try to move them all around town to make it convenient for different groups of people.) The rest of the details can be found here.

And yes, women AND men come to the meet-ups!

Also, if you’d ever like to organize a meet-up in your area of Alabama or at a different time (at night or on the weekends), let me know and I’ll be glad to work with you and publicize it!

Thanks to all of you who came out Friday – it was great to visit with you!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Best Post of the Week: Week Seventy

It's time to link in your best post of the week!

The purpose of this column is to make it easier to keep up with each other's blogs, so that even if we don't have time to read all of the Alabama Blogger blogs every day, at least we get the week's highlights.

So, link up, tell us why you linked that post, and let's start reading! And remember - the best way to get new blogging friends is to comment on other people's posts, so be sure to say "hi" to your neighbors when you visit!

p.s. - please feel free to interpret "this week" as loosely as you like!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mi Casita Mexican Restaurant in Glencoe

By Leigh Bratina

I love Mexican food. And it's a good thing, because all across Alabama and the south, you can find Mexican restaurants a dime and dozen per mile. So what in the world could posses me to drive about seventy miles one way to eat at one particular Mexican restaurant? Well, I am happy to share with you in just a bit. But first, I want to tell you a little bit about Mi Casita Mexican Restaurant.

Mi Casita began as a family owned restaurant and then branched off into several family owned locations, before many were sold to individual who kept the name, but were no longer family run. But their are still a few that are the exception, for example Mi Casita in Glencoe. It is still owned and operated by the Herrera family by husband and wife team, Gregorio and Adrinna Herrera ( who are grandparents, but look like teenaged fashion models). And I think they have kept some of those family secrets (besides the fountain of youth) in dishing up some authentic Mexican cuisine that makes memorable dining. Gregorio and Adrinna are both originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, but have made Gadsden, Alabama their permanent home for the past 18 years. They have owned the Mi Casita in Glencoe for three years, which quickly became a favorite for locals.

True, you will find all of the traditional Mexican dishes that make us all so happy on their menu. But you will also find dishes like their Botana Chivitos ($8.95) that can be shared as an appetizer, or strictly guarded and consumed alone. It comes on a platter with quesadillas, beef nachos, chicken taquitos, Chorizo (Mexican sausage) chicken fingers, guacamole de la casa, cheese stuffed Jalapeno pepper and house dressing.

And let's just talk about the Nachos Cameron ($9.25)-which is essentially Shrimp Nachos that features grilled shrimp (compete with grill marks)sauteed onions, bell peppers and mushrooms, served on a bed of crispy chips and white cheese sauce.

You can also find a Chicken and steak version too for just $8.95.

But for me, the reason I drive about 70 miles to THIS Mexican Restaurant and THIS Mi Casita is the Vegetarian Burrito ($6.25). It's unlike any other...and believe me when I say I have looked and I have tried. Nothing compares to their vegetarian burrito that fortunate for me is enough for two meals (the leftovers are highly sought after in my house).

The Vegetable Burrito is prepared by grilling onions, bellpeppers, mushrooms and what I think is the secret, potatoes. The potatoes are cut small and in my opinion taste as if they have been stewed in something heavily before added to the burrito. The vegetables are wrapped in a light flour tortilla and topped with melted cheese sauce. It is then served and kicked up with it's accompaniments of guacamole salad, sour cream and fresh pico de gallo. I request their homemade green salsa and what I call their "hot salsa" in addition, because I like trade off dipping each bite in their delicious sauces. It makes for a truly incredible worth a seventy mile (per way) trip for this loyal customer.

Mi Casita Mexican Restaurant
512 W Main Street (Highway 431)
Glencoe, Alabama 35905
(256) 494-9007

Open daily

*Leigh is a full time mother, a part time photographer and writer. Her photography and written work is featured in several professional business and local publications. She owns her own photography business, Photographic Memories. Leigh resides in the Alabama with her three children and husband "Big Daddy". You can read more of Leigh's daily adventures by visiting any of her three blogs: Tales from Bloggeritaville , Plates and Places , as well as Photographic Memories

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blogger Meet-Up at iCantina - and save money!!

As you know, our next Alabama Blogger meet-up is at iCantina on 10/22. If you're coming (and I hope you are - we always have an EXCELLENT time), then I highly recommend you check out today's BigBHAM deal of the day - it's a $20 Gift Certificate to iCantina for only $10!!!

The deal runs out in about 30 hours, so be sure to buy one soon if you want one!!

Just thought I'd share since the timing was so perfect.

Here's the rest of the info on the meet-up, in case you missed it:

Our next meet-up will be on Friday, October 22nd at 11:30am. We'll meet at iCantina on Highway 119 off of 280. I know this is a little further out of town than usual, but I try to move it around so that it is convenient for different groups of people, and since we've never had a meet-up this far down 280, I figured it was time.

If you can come, be sure to RSVP so that I can save you a seat. But if you find out that you can at the last minute, still feel free to join us! I hope to see you there!!

The hashtag is #AlaBlogMeet .

iCantina's address is:
6801 Cahaba Valley Rd.
Birmingham, AL
(205) 408-4110

Monday, October 11, 2010

Don't Forget - Lisa Leonard Meet-Up This Friday!!

LisaLeonardLisa Leonard , Jewelry Designer and Social Media Queen, is coming from California to Birmingham, and while she’s here, she wanted to plan an Alabama Blogger Meet-Up!

If you’ve ever talked to Lisa on Twitter, you already know how wonderfully kind and creative she is. If you’d like to meet her in person, whether you’re a blogger, a tweeter, both, or none of the above, she’d love to meet you!

Lisa is hosting a meet-up and Trunk Show on Friday, October 15th from 12-2pm at the jennifer harwell art gallery in the Regions Harbert Plaza Downtown. She will have cupcakes, her jewelry, and will even be giving some jewelry away!!

alabama blogger meet up2
We need YOUR help in getting the word out whether you're able to attend or not, so on my other blog, Grasping for Objectivity, I am hosting a giveaway for a $50 gift certificate Lisa’s online store!

All you have to do to enter is tweet, blog, or facebook about the meet-up. Head over there for the rest of the details!

I hope you’re able to attend – it will be a great event, and I, Lisa and the other two hostesses, Rhoda from Southern Hospitality and Amanda from kevin and amanda would love to meet you!!! So let us know if you’ll be there!

If you haven't linked up and introduced yourself yet, be sure to go here to do so!