Sunday, May 24, 2009

Favorite Dining in Alabama

I hope that one of the ways this blog will be valuable is to share information about all of our favorite places to go to in Alabama. This will be especially useful if we're out of OUR neck of the woods and into YOURS. So this post, like the Alabama Bloggers Directory, will have it's own sidebar link for easy reference in the future.

The question for this post is: What are your favorite Alabama restaurants and why?

You can either linky a post (or multiple posts) that you've written in the past (or the present) about your favorite restaurants, or you can comment on this post and tell us about them.

If you linky it in, be sure to put in your link title where the restaurant is located so that if someone is looking for good food in a particular area, they can find it easily.

Sound like fun? I can't wait to find out where to eat all around Alabama!

Also let me know of other topics that you'd like to compile blogger opinion on!


Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

Auburn - Niffer's, Chuck's, Jim Bob's, Veggis to Go

B'ham - City Hall Diner, Bellini's, Village Tavern, Five Guys

Huntsville - Greenbrier BBQ, Thomas Pitt BBQ, Tender's

Rachel said...

What's the point of guidelines if not to break them? So I went ahead and broke them first and linked in an Atlanta restaurant, because, if you're like me, you go there a lot.

However, in Birmingham, other places I love are:

Taziki's, Bright Star and Nabeel's for Greek dining,

Baha Burgers for . . .well, burgers,

Mudtown - they have amazing food
- my favorite is their Tilapia and Balsamic Salad,

But I shouldn't name too many more, because my husband and I have a restaurant curse, and those I name WILL close.

So, on second thought, you might not want to tell me your favorite places.

Kim said...

A secret secret hidden gem...Fox Valley restaurant off Hwy 17 in Helena, Alabama.....beat steak and crabcake anywhere, an intimate bar and salads to die for....

Anonymous said...

I like John's City Diner in B'ham. In Jacksonville i like Effina's. In Alex City i like Catherine's Market Deli, & in Gulf Shores I like Calypso's.

Christen said...

One of my favorite places to eat in the Birmingham area is The Chocolate Biscuit in Trussville. It's consider a tea room, so it's definitely a "chick" place, but I have seen several men in there before. All of the food is delicious and they have great specialty hot & cold tea drinks.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Oh, I've heard about the Chocolate Biscuit. Must go there!

One of our fave new places is Joe's Italian, on Hwy. 11 between Chelsea & Alabaster. Authentic Italian, Joe is straight from Sicily with the accent to prove it. Mangia, mangia!

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of the Cajun Steamer Hoover/Trussville. I also have a horrible addiction to mexican food. El Cazador on Montclair Rd and Habanero's in Trussville are my fav's.

MamaHen said...

Hey Rachel, maybe we could do a cheap famiy outing linky. Different out of the way places that families go.

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

All of my restaurant reviews (nationwide) can be found at this link :
Here are some of my favortie Bama restaurant Reviews:

All Steak, Cullman:
Big Bob Gibson's BBQ, Decatur:
Fairhope Goodies:
Big Daddy's Grill, Fairhope:
Waffle House V Day:
Northport, City Cafe:
Nabeels, Homewood:
The Blue Willow, Scottsboro:
Farmhouse Restuarant Scottsboro:
Bayside Grill, Orange Beach :
Franco's Italian Restaurant, Orange Beach:
Bahama Bob's Beachside Cafe, Gulfshores:
Famous Floyd's, Evergreen:
Billie's Seafood, Bon Secour :
Yuki Japanese, Hoover:
Outtakes Deli, HOmewood:
Smokey Hollw Restuarant, Jemison:
Ashley Macs, Bluff Park:
Leonardo's, Vestavia:
Sonic at Happy Hour:
Moe's BBQ Vestavia:
100 places to eat in alabama before you die:
Bright Star, Bessemer:
Cafe Lazio, Hoover:

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

A few more:

Home PLate Cooking, Helena:

Bernies on Main, Columbiana:

New York Pizza, Homewood:

Margarita Grill, Pelham:

Shonos Japanese Grill:

The Courtyard, Mater's Pizza Gadsden:
Papa Sia's, Alabaster:

Mugshots, Tuscaloosa:

Iguana Grill, Hoover:

Top O the River,Gadsden:

VJ's on the Runway, Birmingham:

Taziki's Greek and Baha Burger, Inverness:

The BBQ Place, Ft Payne:

Benedikt's, Onteona:

Bates House of Turkey, Greenville:

Trussville Cafe, Trussville:

Tate's BBQ, Scottsboro:

Lulu's Homeport, Gulfshores:

The Ashville House Tearoom, Ashville:

Gina said...

My faves are Nickie's West in Birmingham and Benedikt's in Oneaonta.

Ashley said...

Big Bob Gibson's BBQ in Decatur - best bbq EVER (not just in Alabama). They were recently featured in Southern Living Magazine ( and also in People Magazine and the Today Show. I'll think of others, too....

Beth said...

My family LOVES La Fiesta in Hoover (behind the Outback Steakhouse, and near the new Publix). If you like Mexican food, give this place a try. It's incredible! (The salsa is hot and delicious; everyone loves their cheese dip; and the fajitas are the best!) I have been eating at La Fiesta for well over 15 years now... and many of those years include a once-a-week visit! :)

Amanda said...

Got the chance to check out a fabulous restaurant in Mt. Laurel, AL called Stones Throw Bar and Grill. The food is delicious and Chef Harrigan is so nice!

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