Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hometown Tour - Red Bay

By Valerie

Hello Everyone,

This is the beautiful tree lined welcoming you receive as you enter the city of Red Bay, Alabama. These Oak trees were planted by the Red Bay Garden Club in the 1930's, it is an Oak tree tunnel that leads straight to main street. Red Bay is small town USA. Incorporated in 1907 it is located in western Franklin County bordering the state of Mississippi.

There is only one school, Red Bay High School, home of the Tigers. It is a K-12th grade school and is part of the Franklin County System. As in most southern schools athletics play a major role. The school offers Football, Baseball, Cheerleading, Tennis, Golf and Track. Tiffany McWilliams, a 2001 alumni, is the 2003 1500 Meters NCAA National Champion in track. Located within 50 miles of Red Bay is Northwest/Shoals Community College, Bevil State Community College, Itawamba Community College, Northeast Mississippi Community College and University of North Alabama such a great variety of college's for the city's seniors to pick from.

This little town in also home to Key Underwood Coon Dog Memorial Graveyard. It is the only cemetary of its kind in the world. Click on the link to learn the history. There are coon dogs buried here from all over the US. Their markers range from wood to granite. It's the only place you will find names such as Troop, Night Ranger and Bomma.

There are two major companies in the town. Tiffin Motorhomes which manfactures some of the finest motorhomes you will ever find. The offer a plant tour and you can personally pick out your own motorhome colors and other options you may want. Click on their website to take a virtual tour of some of their coachs. The other major company is Sunsine Mills Inc. The plant located in Red Bay for Sunshine Mills is a pet food plant. Well known for Sunshine Dog food and cat food. It provides, like Tiffin Motorhomes, great jobs for local residents.

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Red Bay also has the Arts and Entertainment Center. Events they host every year include business meals, receptions, Christmas parties, church dinners, and seminars. With seating for 200 people in the Banquet Room and 30 in teh Garden Room it also houses a Theatre which seats 172. The local Bay Tree Council of Performing Arts hosts three performances each year. Thousand of people have enjoyed plays such as The Odd Couple and Father of the Bride.

The Red Bay Museum houses all of the local historical artifacts. Located downtown it also houses items donated by Tammy Wynette and her family. Tammy wasn't born in Red Bay but spent a great deal of her youth there visiting family and friends. She considered Red Bay as her home town. So next time your are in western Alabama stop by for a few hours and enjoy all of the local events and activities Red Bay has to offered. The scenery alone is well worth the trip. To find out more about Red Bay visit their website Red Bay, Alabama - A friendly City on a Progressive Path!

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