Monday, September 14, 2009

Bama Game From the Eyes of a First-Time Attender

By Ashley

elcome home, Crimson Tide! UA played their 2009 home opener against the FIU Golden Panthers. Alabama was the heavy, heavy favorite but the game stayed neck and neck for TOO LONG (from this Bama fan's perspective). It did make the game that much more lively, though!

We started off great with a 10-0 lead, but Bama's bubble was burst somewhat when FIU ran a 96-yard kickoff return for a touchdown. 10-7 Bama going into the 2nd quarter. We got in another fieldgoal in the 2nd quarter before FIU came up big with a touchdown. FIU is beating Alabama? How can this be? I can tell you we were super shocked in the stands as we could see that ranking dropping and another stellar season cut short too soon.

McElroy didn't let us despair for too long, coming up with a touchdown to put us up 20-14 going into halftime. I felt pretty confident by this point. Surely Saban (The Almighty) will talk some sense into these young guys at half time and we'll see a runaway in the 2nd half. But the 3rd quarter went scoreless after some big plays by Alabama Defense but a missed field goal by Tiffin (why do you do this to us, Tiffin?).

The Lord heard the prayers of the Crimson Nation and seven second into the 4th quarter, we score another touchdown. We go for 2 and miss but 26-14 gives us all some breathing room. Now we are praying for more points to cover the spread and protect our ranking. Hallelujah! More answered prayers! Two more touchdowns give Alabama a 40-14 victory!

And congratulations to Greg McElroy for completing a school-record 14 straight passes!!

GOOD NEWS: Accoring to AP and USA Today polls, Alabama maintains the 4th ranking! Roll Tide!

From a personal standpoint, we had so much fun! This was my first live college football game, and I'm in love! I twirled baton since age 4 and was a majorette in high school, so I really enjoyed seeing the The Million Dollar Band and The Crimsonettes! Cheering along with fellow fans in the stands was memorable! And being a part of the action was addictive! I'm ready for my next game!!

Lucas even got into the spirit and cheered for Bama! Since he likes to root for opposing teams just to be difficult, this was a major revelation!

Now a little insider perspective from a first-timer:
  • Wear comfy shoes. We walked probably 5 miles (at least!) on game day. I saw so many cute little girls running around in their cute litte dresses but carrying their high heels and walking around bare foot. News flash, when you are running around a public stadium with no shoes you don't look quite as hot as you think you do. But most of you still looked pretty good. <---- read, I'm a jealous pregnant woman
  • Stadium seats - Bring 'em! You know those fold up seats with the cushy padding and back support? Those will definitely come in handy!!
  • Eat before you go! We were just going to grab dinner at the game but choices were very limited. No hamburgers. They had hot dogs but were out of buns. They were out of pretzels. We ended up sharing some nachos and peanuts and hit up a Burger King on the way home.

you know the rest ;)


Maggie said...

Great Post! I'm glad you enjoyed your first Bama game! There is truly nothing like it!

The Crimson Elephant said...

Great blog! ROLL TIDE!! :-)

Megan said...

Awesome post, Ashlely!!!

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