Monday, September 21, 2009

Center Stage: No Debt Plan

By Jamie

Welcome back to
Center Stage where we take a fanfare look at one of the many great blogs being churned out here in Alabama. You can find past spotlights here.

I adore credit card machines. I revel in the swipe of the card. The feel of the fake pen in my hand. The rubber buttons confirming the amount is "okay." It's a torrid love affair. And it must stop.

Meet my new therapist:

No Debt Plan
Kevin at No Debt Plan is a personal finance wizard who is sharing all of his spells with the world. My first suggested stop is his blog's namesake series - The No Debt Plan. It's a 9-step plan getting you from overwhelmed to healthy, wealthy, and wise. I'm currently on pre-step #2.

You can also wander through topics such as financial planning, debt reduction, budgeting, and the economy. Kevin's posts are accessible to the reader who may not understand terms such as "liquidity ratio," but sophisticated enough for those who do.

So put down that Old Navy card and get to reading. (That may be directed at me...)

Jamie is a planner of events by day and chaser of shiny things by night. Follow her trails at Jamie's Rabbits. If you'd like to have your blog featured on "Center Stage" then contact Jamie so she can swing by your neck of the internet woods. Please know she sometimes shows up uninvited, so you may see your blog on stage if she really digs it.

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