Thursday, September 3, 2009

Football Is Upon Us!

With less than 36 hours until football officially kicks off, I'm sure everyone (that cares about it, anyway) is in a tizzy of preparation. I know we are! We leave tomorrow for Atlanta to watch Alabama's opening game.

Last year, this was an unbelievably fun trip - and it made it MUCH more fun because of the crazy culture clash of 80,000 football fans staying with 40,000 Dragon*Con attendees (a pop culture event much like ComiCon in California), most staying within a one mile radius!

I, of course, blogged about this fascinating study of culture intermingling - especially since I personally was somewhat of an outsider to BOTH cultures. It got picked up on several Dragon*Con message boards, and although most of the attendees found it entertaining, unfortunately, some found it insulting (which, of course, was not my intention at all.) So I'm trying to figure out exactly HOW to blog about it again this year to show the hilarity of the situation without offending those more sensitive.

At any rate, if you're going to Atlanta this weekend, you are SURE to have fun, and a lot of people watching to do!

We have a lot of football related activity going on or coming up at Alabama Bloggers too:

1. The Score for Your Team Blogger Carnival! I know I've been pushing this a lot, but it has been SO MUCH FUN to visit all of your blogs and get your takes on football! Plus, with ten free lunches from Zo√ęs Kitchen up for grabs, it couldn't be more rewarding!

The current score, for those who are following it is:
Alabama 15
Auburn 9
Arkansas 7

Arkansas is catching up quickly, with much thanks to KBeau from Life in the Slow Lane - she's recruiting all of her friends and they are doing a great job - watch out Alabama and Auburn! How embarrassing would it be to BOTH lose your own rivalry!

2. Football Columnists: I have opened up Alabama Bloggers to have a different football columnist for each team each week. I have a lot of writers lined up, but a lot of slots left, also. If you would like to write for your team, read here for more information!

3. Football Meet-Ups: We've been having so much fun with our monthly meet-ups here in Birmingham that I would REALLY like to schedule meet-ups on campus at Alabama and Auburn on game days. However, I'm coming up at a loss of where to have them in Tuscaloosa, and since I've never been to Auburn, I'm REALLY at a loss on that one. So -

a. Do you have any good game day on-campus meet-up location ideas?

b. Would you like to host a meet-up at your tailgating spot? Maybe just a one hour window - no food or drinks necessary - just a place for us all to show up at once and say "hi".

Another idea I had was to have a map of where we all set up our tailgate parties, and just have a walkthru tour - we could visit each other at our leisure. It just might be hard to pick each other out of the crowd!

Anyway, I'm open to any and all ideas, and I need all the help I can get!


Roll Tide! :)


Ashley said...

ROLL TIDE!!! I'd love to meet up before the FIU game but have no suggestions on where to do that!

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

ROLL TIDE1 What fun! Are you ready for some footballlllll

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