Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hey Hogs! Alabama Vs. Arkansas Review

By Maggie

Alabama opened up SEC play this week against the Arkansas Razorbacks. We arrived in Tuscaloosa around 10:30 to begin our tailgating. (I brought pigs in a blanket!) We’d been there about an hour when the rain set in. It looked like it was going to rain all day. We geared up in our raincoats and ponchos and headed to the stadium. We arrived just in time for the big BAMA spell out. Luckily right before the game started the rain stopped. (Us Alabama fans like to think it’s “The Bear” simply holding his hand over the stadium!)

The first quarter proved to be one of the most boring quarters in football. Arkansas got the ball first they didn’t do much. Then Alabama got it, after a couple dropped passes and a short rush we punted it right back to them. At this point I’m thinking it’s going to be a long day especially with wet shorts and shoes! Arkansas once again couldn’t make any progress and punted. The 9-yard punt provided bama with great field position, not that it mattered because we didn’t produce any real results. Finally about 5 minutes into the second quarter Alabama scores on a 52-yard run by Trent Richardson. Tiffin’s extra point is good. Bama leads 7-0. Next possession, first play, Greg McElroy throws a deep pass to Julio Jones for 50 yards and the touchdown. Tiffin’s kick is good. Bama 14 Arkansas 0.

At Halftime the Million Dollar Band did the same motown show and threw in Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” for the students. Now it’s time for the third quarter. I am pumped that we have, in my expert opinion, shut down Ryan Mallet. Well maybe I’m not an expert because with 10 minutes left in the third Ryan Mallet throws an 18-yard pass for a TD. Bama 14, Arkansas 7. Okay that’s a little close for me Saban. Luckily Saint Nick listened to me because Bama scored two times in the third quarter, once on a deep pass to Marquis Maze for and 80 yard score and once on a 14 yard pass to Mark Ingram, to make the score 28-7. That’s more like it!

As the fourth quarter arrived the fans proudly held their four fingers in excitement because we all know that it is going to take a miracle for this Arkansas team to come back and beat us. Two minutes into the fourth Bama scores again the drive was 13 plays and 99 yards. Bama 35 Arkansas 7.

Arkansas couldn’t get anything rolling. Bama ran a few plays to run the clock down. Before we knew it we were singing Rammer Jammer celebrating our first SEC win of the season.

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