Sunday, August 23, 2009

What do YOU Want from Your Blog?

By Kathryn

Everyone wants to make money doing something that they enjoy. Bloggers are no different. Anyone that has taken the time to build a blog and then contribute to that blog on a regular basis would love to find a way to make money using that blog. There is good news and there is bad news.

The Good News

Anyone can make money off of a blog – the amount of money will depend on the blog subject, the internet interest, the advertising dollars available and the determination of the blogger.

The Bad News

Making money from a blog is just like any other business. It will take work, energy or the luck of being in just the right place at the right time (although even those people know the market and how it works so that the can BE in the right place at the right time).

The Bottom Line

Monetizing a blog develops from different directions. Understanding more about your own needs and desires will help determine those directions.
    Who are you talking to in your blog?
    What do you want to make from your blog?
    What are you doing to get advertising for your blog?
My own personal journey into online income has led me to write for other blogs and I make my living doing that (and writing for other companies and magazines as well). Monetizing my blog has become less important and I am able to focus on providing quality posts instead of SEO, links and page rank.

Tell me what you are looking for and I will try to help uncover the key to get you through that door. Comment with your questions or thoughts about making money with a blog and I will respond to those in a follow up post.


Karie said...

Because of our situation, it would be ideal for me to be able to make some money doing something that I already spend some time each day on and something I can do while at home. However, because my blog is a diary, I am concerned that whatever I do is going to compromise the focus of my blog. I've seen the sites that match you up with people and if you write about their product they will give you x amount. Is that the only way?

Kathryn Lang said...

Hey Karie - you would be better off starting a new blog devoted to a particular niche than trying to use a diary blog for making money (there are a few exceptions to this).

j said...

You addressed something I have been thinking about. I don't really have a niche - I guess I am diary-esque also. Based on my title though, I think advertising cleaning products on my blog would be cool - fun and ironic. I don't know how to start advertising just that type of product.

Please stop by and check out my blog to see what YOU think. I would reccommend reading some archived posts. The past two months of summer vacation and then back to school were busy - I was not at my creative best.

Thanks for your input.

Kathryn Lang said...

Hey Jennifer - I LOVE the occupation you have listed on your profile page :D - it reminds me of a job listing I once wrote out for a class - I'll have to post that on my website.

I agree that you have a great title and could easily turn it into a niche blog for organizing and cleaning.

I'll make next weeks post about finding your niche.

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