Thursday, August 13, 2009

Help Your Child Succeed In School

By Elizabeth

Want your child to succeed and have a great school year? There are things you as a parent can do to help your student! The number one most important thing parents can do is ALWAYS have a positive attitude about school. Your attitude about school effects your child's. Please don't think of school as a burdent on you. Education is the single most important asset we can give our children that will be with them for a lifetime!

Secondly, talk to your children each day about their day at school. Even if this is only a brief 5 minute conversation, let them know you are interested in their time at school. Ask them ?'s about what they learned and try to engage them to learn some more about the topics or subjects they learned.

Lastly, read to your children for at least 20 minutes each day. If they are too old to be read to, have them read a book or the newspaper to themselves or a sibling. Reading will help them to learn vocabulary, sentence structure/punctuation and about new people, places and things. Reading everyday will also help improve their comprehension and test scores.

Don't forget that learning is a lifelong process and commitment for both parent's and children.

Have a great school year!

Elizabeth is a native Birminghamian and a single Mom to 2 boys and has a blog all about them, She is also pursuing her degree in Early Childhood/Elementary Education with a Minor in Health Education. Elizabeth teaches Keyboarding and is a Technology Team Leader for the Trussville City School System.

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Jennie said...

Great advice! I'd add, model life-long learning habits yourself and your children will follow. Here's to a great school year for everyone!

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