Monday, August 3, 2009

Center Stage: {head}:sub/head

Welcome back to Center Stage where we take a fanfare look at one of the many great blogs being churned out here in Alabama. You can find past spotlights here.

When I'm on the prowl for a blog to feature, I maintain a fairly scientific process:

1. Click on 6-10 random links in the The List.

2. Find the "shiniest."
(Merriam defines "shiniest" as most able to keep the attention of a woman with adult ADD.)


{head}:sub/head first caught my attention because of the fabulous clean design. I know some (coughmecough) may feel the need to throw in everything but the kitchen sink in the blog design, but I think Travis has it right. Easy to navigate and easy on the eyes. Kudos.

This blog maintained my attention because it's all about books. And I'm all about books. Travis is in the publishing industry which provides a more thorough perspective on things like trends, technology, and the general state of affairs. However, he's also a genuine fan and guides you through his own bookshelf and what's great in his neck of the woods (Birmingham).

Literary blogs can be heavy and thick and overall tragic.
{head}:sub/head does not make its home under any of these umbrellas. It's a nice mix of review, behind-the-scenes, and a slice of humor while you read.

Bookmark it. Check it out. Read and don't weep. I'm stopping now.

Jamie is a planner of events by day and chaser of shiny things by night. Follow her trails at Jamie's Rabbits. If you'd like to have your blog featured on "Center Stage" then contact Jamie so she can swing by your neck of the internet woods. Please know she sometimes shows up uninvited, so you may see your blog on stage if she really digs it.

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