Sunday, August 30, 2009

Finding Your Audience

By Kathryn

Making money online typically requires a strong showing in a niche area. There are a few exceptions to this rule – there are always exceptions to the rule! But most bloggers have to hone in on a particular area or subject to make money online.

The majority of casual bloggers are writing about their lives. The posts are random in that the only connection is the blogger. The material can cover everything from marriage to parenting to cooking to lawn care. Finding the thing that drives your passion will help your develop a blog that has the potential to make money.

Finding Your Niche

Christina Katz has written two great books that help guide new writers to the subjects that will fit well for them. “Writer Mama” and “Get Known Before the Book Deal” both help you discover your audience so that you can write for them specifically. Here are a few pointers:
    1. Write out all of the titles that you are (mom, writer, wife, sister, friend, leader – you get the idea).

    2. Write out all of the jobs that you do or the responsibilities that you have.

    3. Write out all of the things that you enjoy doing.

    4. Combine these lists into groups. Some of the items may have a home in more than one area.

    5. Pick out three or four that speak loudest to you.

    6. Who would want to read about these items? This is your core audience and the ones that you want to speak to in your posts.
Finding your niche is only the beginning. Making money with a blog is just like building any business. It may take some time to build up the blog that will draw advertisers and provide you the income that you desire.

There will be a giveaway on my website for Christina’s book, “Get Known Before the Book Deal.” Stop by and comment if you want to be in the running.

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