Sunday, August 2, 2009

Growing Your Platform - Blogging Secrets to Learn and Use

By Kathryn

There is always something new to learn about blogging. The internet is growing and changing even as I write this article. Keeping up is not always easy, but knowing the secrets and trends can help you to expand your blogging position on the Web.

Blogging Secrets

    1. Keep it interesting - Write about something that others are interested in reading. It doesn’t matter how often you blog or how eloquent the posts are if no one is reading what you write.

    2. Add passion – The things that you write need to something that gets you excited. If you are bored then your readers will be bored.

    3. Use social media – Facebook and Twitter are both great ways to share what you are passionate about.

    4. Give it away – post on other websites (like ezinearticles and other free articles sites). Be sure to rewrite the post so that it is “new” and include a link back to your blog. If possible include a link to your blog in the first paragraph as well – but not all sites give you this option.

    5. Use subtitles – Breaking up your article into sections makes it easier to read and also allows you to make your keywords bold at least once in your post.

Everyone blogs for a different reason but most of us would appreciate an increased in followers. Followers help a writer feel like he or she is doing something that is right and not just putting words out in the air. Uncovering the secrets to successful blogging is not necessarily difficult but it is ever changing.


Rachel said...

Great post and tips! ESPECIALLY the last one about breaking up paragraphs - I have found that the fewer long stretches of sentences I have, the easier it is to read.

Deb said...

Great suggestions.

I've got to learn about Twitter and Facebook.

Not a techie.


Kathryn Lang said...

Hey Deb - the great thing about facebook and twitter is that you don't have to be a techie to get the basic.

Rachel - the attention span of the average internet reader/scanner is much shorter than traditional publications. Make it east to get the information and the readers will likely return.

If you haven't linked up and introduced yourself yet, be sure to go here to do so!