Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gulf State Pier Open!

The new Alabama Gulf State Pier opened last month, and my family and I had an opportunity to visit it this weekend. It is definitely worth the visit!

It is a great, wide pier with lots of amenities for fishermen. There were hundreds of people fishing on the pier! It is open all night long, so many people looked prepared for the long haul - we even saw one family out with a pack n play already set up to put their toddler to bed later that night.

We happened to go right at sunset, so we were able to enjoy the breath-taking sunset:

Another Alabama blogger, Rachel at Rambling Robinsons, recently visited the pier also, and her Dad caught a shark! She has a video of it here on her blog.

(For the record, Shark fishing is not allowed on the bridge, so he did let it go.)

Here are some facts of the pier:
  • 1,540 feet long - longest pier on the Gulf of Mexico.
  • 2,448 feet of fishing space along rails
  • Air conditioned Concession w/ seating
  • Souvenir, Bait & Tackle Shop
  • Restrooms at entrance and mid-point
  • Shaded areas at entrance, mid-point and end
  • Electrical Outlets Every 100' on both sides

Prices are as follows:

Parking - free
Non-fishing Visitors (Sightseers) - $3/day, $2 for one trip
Anglers - Adults & Children 12 years old & over - $8/day
Child 11 years old and under (w/ paying adult) - Free
Child 11 years old and under (w/o paying adult) - $4/day
Additional Rods (over four) - $3.50 each
Weekly Pass - $40
Monthly Pass - $80
Semi-Annual Pass - $160
Annual Pass Free - $320

I highly recommend the visit, even if it is purely for sightseeing, as ours was. It was definitely worth the price to go enjoy a serene sunset!

First picture, facts and prices found at The Orange Beach Community Website.


Rachel said...

The pier is awesome! It has some amazing views. Definitely worth the few dollars. Great fishing too! LOL!

Jeff Vandiver said...

Me and the family will be going there in 3 weeks, and I can't wait to see the new pier! Those were some fabulous sunset photos...

Mrs. K said...

oh my goodness! did you take those photos? they are BEAUTIFUL! What a breath-taking sunset!

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