Monday, April 5, 2010

April Introductions: Wade Kwon

Wade Kwon

I resisted the term blogger for years. I was a writer. I was a journalist. I was not, however, a blogger.

But I've grown to appreciate the role of bloggers, and I tell people I blog for a living. I am a proud Alabama blogger.

I write all the time. Sometimes, it escapes onto my blogs, but often it ends up on Facebook or Twitter. I plan to marshal these paragraphs into a longer format this year, but only when I can get away from blogging and microblogging and other stray writing.

As an Alabama native, I have found storytelling to be a part of me. It's why I write. It's why I worked in journalism for decades. I'm proud of my hometown of Birmingham and want to tell the world at large what's happening here. That means accomplishments as well as setbacks.

And I hold myself to these same standards. Sometimes, I succeed. Sometimes, I fail, badly. Mostly, I like to share funny tidbits, wry observations and thoughts on a state behind the times.

On rare occasions, I am better in person. The introverted writer steps out of the shadows to meet fellow residents. I'm grateful to Alabama Bloggers for providing such a community to share, to ask and to laugh.

It's a community I hope to mimic on my own blogs with each passing day.

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Wade Kwon said...

Thanks for letting me share my story.
It's always fun to come here and see what other Alabama Bloggers are doing.

Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing, Wade! I always love hearing your perspective. I think that you do an especially good job of honestly portraying our city, good, bad, or otherwise.

Thanks for being a part of Alabama Bloggers!

Anonymous said...
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Abbie the Basket Hound and Humans said...

Before Oct 09, I had no idea what a blog was or did. I credit Southern Fried Mama, Wade, and Rachel for opening up this new world of communication, friendship, and fun. It truly brings the word unity into community! Everyone has a voice and story even sassy old hound dogs. Great write up!

If you haven't linked up and introduced yourself yet, be sure to go here to do so!