Monday, April 12, 2010

April Introductions: Southern Hospitality

Rhoda of Southern Hospitality

Rhoda Blissdom Three years ago, I barely knew what a blog was. Now I'm pretty much a blog addict.

As an introduction to my blog, Southern Hospitality, I'll just tell you all a bit about myself. We moved here from Atlanta about 4 and 1/2 years ago and I have fallen in love with Birmingham. It's a small Southern city, but plenty big with enough excitement going on and I sure don't miss that ATL traffic.

I love, love blogging and started my blog 3 years ago on a whim and now it's grown to be much bigger than I ever anticipated, but I love it as much as ever. Blogging has really opened up my world and it has been so much fun to connect with everyone out there in the blogosphere.

I'm a big DIYer and love home projects and decorating and that's what you'll see a lot of on my blog. I spend a lot of time going yardsaling and thrifting, bringing home all sorts of treasures, redoing them to fit my house, so that's a lot of what I share on my blog. I also share recipes, travel around the South, and a bit of gardening and just life in general. Every Monday, I host a Thrifty Treasures party for everyone to show off their found treasures.

My hubby has a 91 year old Grandma Eleanor and she's part of my stories too and is a big hoot. Everyone seems to love Grandma Eleanor posts and I even do videos of her.

So, if you love making your house a home and love thrifty decorating, I think you'd enjoy stopping by for some Southern Hospitality!

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