Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Introductions: Lisa Isbell

By Lisa Isbell

Lisa IsbellI discovered blogging just over a year ago but it feels like I’ve been doing it forever. I now publish 3 blogs, this one, another that is associated with my online thrift store White Oak Attic and my marketing consulting business How 2 Marketing Advice. All three of these continue to be works in progress as I try to establish a course for myself in moving away from the status quo.

For practical purposes I blog to share what I’ve learned, stimulate interest in the same things I enjoy so I can find kindred spirits and finally simply because I enjoy it. I’ve discovered I really love to write. I’ve always been a blabber-mouth, chattering on incessantly about whatever topic came my way and I suppose blogging has become an extension of that and now people have the option of shutting off the flow without my ever knowing it :-) Everyone wins, I get to prattle on and any who have lost interest don’t have to resort to hurting my feelings to escape the flow. Occasionally, someone might actually benefit from hearing about something I found or some mistake I’ve made (usually the latter – I’m especially gifted at goofing things up and have lots to share on that topic). To sum it up, blogs are just a very convenient way to be social.

In this blog I write mostly about things I think about, random notions that fit in with what I perceive to be a general shift of society in general to get back to the basics of really knowing other people without the facade of the little shows we sometimes put on and the efforts made to keep up with neighbors or copy each other to fit some kind of mold. Businesses are beginning to discover that people want to get to know the people behind the branded image, the shiny glass and the pressed, freshly laundered appearance of executives. I sometimes write about my own efforts to re-shape my own life.

In my online thrift store blog, I write about collectibles I’ve come across and share the information I discover in researching items I’ll offer for sale and the collectibles I keep. I have built the store around my hobbies and interests. I have always enjoyed rummaging around at estate sales, yard sales etc and this is a creative outlet that also brings the experience to the convenience of home. Other people will now be able to participate with me and maybe find a treasure or two while they are at it. I also include my genealogy research here with a category of posts devoted to an old coal mining town in West Virginia that is connected to most of my recent family history. I’ve found my genealogy buff friends also enjoy collecting vintage goods and antiques so it is a nice blend. My little online attic is also growing into an old general mercantile of sorts that will offer new merchandise that is unusual, has a vintage impression about it or is just something I found that I like.

Finally, my marketing blog. This was born more out of my career path. I was selling advertising for print publications for the past 15 years until I lost my job this past October. Having noticed the trending decline in print media sometime ago is what prompted me to start White Oak Attic a couple of years ago and when I did that I discovered an amazing new facet of marketing – Internet Marketing. This is a bit different than the traditional business community is accustomed to and I found most of the business owners I was in contact with everyday could really benefit from some of the techniques being used by Internet Marketers. Add to that Social Media and the whole changing landscape of marketing in general and I found I had a good niche for myself in communicating things I’ve learned first hand about marketing businesses online using these tools.

So there it is, the story of another Alabama Blogger. If you want to see some others you should visit the website of yet another Alabama Blogger who is bringing us all together to meet and commiserate, collaborate and just enjoy each others’ company this coming Friday, April 2nd at Jason’s Deli in Hoover. I would love to see you there, visit Alabama Bloggers for details.

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Rachel said...

I love your ideas and attitude about blogging - so refreshing!! Thanks for sharing!

White Oak Attic Dot Com said...

Thanks Rachel! I enjoyed meeting you Friday and I'm enjoying this blog. Looking forward to making my way through the whole list - wow, there's a lot of them!

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