Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April Introductions: Amy of Ordinarily Extraordinary


Hello! I'm Amy of Ordinarily Extraordinary. I began blogging in the Fall of 2006 mainly to share my scrapbooking and share our lives with our out of town family.

I live in a very small east central Alabama city ,that feels more like a small town, where my husband grew up. I spend my days being a mom to our son, running my part time photography business, substitute teaching, and enjoying all crafty and artistic hobbies. I was born in east Alabama and grew up among the Appalachian foothills near Jacksonville, Alabama. I am proud to call Jacksonville State University my alma mater.

I titled my blog Ordinarily Extraordinary because if you look extraordinary things happen even in the most ordinary of lives. Most of the time these are just normal, everyday aspects of our lives. A child's excitement over a caterpillar. A beautiful rainbow appearing. So many extraordinary things we overlook. My blog is a reminder to myself to slow down and remember these extraordinary moments.

Now 3+ years later I still share my scrapbooking, but also book reviews, my photography, photo a day project, art and painting, other crafty endeavors, recipes, small town life and anything else that strikes me. I also write here on Alabama Bloggers bi-weekly about the people, places, & experiences that I find extraordinary about Alabama.

So come visit me at Ordinarily Extraordinary and leave me a comment. I love finding new blogs and discovering extraordinary people and places about our state.

If you'd like to be featured during April Introductions, email me at

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