Saturday, May 23, 2009

"The List"

This is a regionally organized list of all of the Alabama Bloggers who choose to participate in this site. It will help in organizing events, and it will have its own sidebar button so that anyone can go to it to find a list of bloggers in their region. Of course, it will ALWAYS be a work in progress and updated continually.

I tried to section you off regionally as best as I could, and if I was unsure, I left you in the "Somewhere in Alabama" category, in which anyone is welcome to hang out that would prefer to have their location vague and fuzzy.

If you want ANYTHING about your listing changed, please let me know and I'll fix it right up. I can also add categories if need be.

And if you're NOT on the list and you want to be, by all means let me know that and I'll get you on right away!

So, here we are, in all of our glory, so far:

Somewhere in Alabama:

Jo @ ...And a Cherry on Top
Morgan @ A Buggie Full of Beans
Michelle @ Grace, Love and Laundry Piles
Belinda @ A Simple Life
Marie @ All Access Pass To Jack and Putting My Thoughts on Paper
Lu @ Avery Tales
Mama Bear @ Bears at Home
Emily @ Being Me
Rhonda @ Blue Creek Home
Jamie @ Brown Paper and Strings
Collier @ Building Content
Christi at Butterbean and Peanut
Danielle @ Changing Lanes 
Rhonda @ ChiggerBytes
Chris Rainey
Connect to Your Coast
Couponing to Disney
Crunchy In Alabama
Emily @ Crunchy(ish) Mama
Kenn @ Dairy of a Madman
DBH @ DBH Dance Party
Dino's Deliberations 
Danny @ Doc's Political Parlor & Home of Lawn Mower Repair
Erin @ Dwell and Tell
Bridget @ Fit Past Forty
Griff's Politicalman 
Groone's World
Half Baked
Hands Free Mama
Jen at Hey Y'all!
fjlanders @ Home of Owl
Kimberly @ Got Blog?
Ailsa @ Guilt-Free Cuisine
Janice @ In this Southern life
Jason Knight
Joey at Joey Kennedy's Blog and Column
B at just call me B
Kenny @ Kenny Smith
Liz @ Lazy Liz on Less
Legal Schnauzer
DaisyGirl @ Letting Go, Letting God
Maggie @ Life According to Maggie
Bridgette @ Life's a Beach
Amanda @ Lovin' the Beast
Magnolia Mom
Mary Albrethson @ Mary's Rose Cottage
Melanie @ Melanie Elissa. . .A Glimpse in My Life
Jerri @ Mom-E-Centric 

Birmingham Area:

Trav @ {Head}:sub/head "all things book" (Twitter: tsutrav)
Robyn @ 3 Girls Mom
Paul @ Affluent Student (Twitter: PWMcGuire)
Alabama Social Media Association (Twitter: ALsocme)
Alabama Yesterdays
Rebekah at A New Song to Sing
Randall @ Alabama Geneology and Ramblings (Twitter: Randall_D)
Alice @ Alice Allen. . . Try Saying That Five Times Fast
Amie Beth Shaver
Robert @ Arcane Code
Shermika and Tamika @ ArtBLT
Amber @ Bamber's Blessings
Brittany @ Southern Beauty
BHAM.FM (Twitter: bhamdotfm)
Bham Bride
Virginia at Birmingham Alabama Daily Photo
Birmingham Appraisal Blog
Wade @ Birmingham Blogging Academy (Twitter: WadeOnTweets)
Brian @ Birmingham Entrepeneur
Birmingham Mom
Angie and Trish @ BirminghamMommy (Twitter: BirminghamMommy)
Birmingham Restaurants
Susan @ Blackberry Creek
Virginia @ blackflipflops (Twitter: blackflipflops)
Nicki @ Birthplace of The Process of Illogical Logic
BooMama @ BooMama
Jamie @ Brown Paper and Strings
Bryants of Bham
Karla @ Casual Bedlam 
Cathy @
Cheri @ Chez Cheri
Christy @ Christys Crafts 
Cindy @ Cindy M Jones and Cahaba Christian Writers
D$ @ Clouds in My Coffee
Country-Fried Mama @ Country-Fried Mama (Twitter: CountryFried)
Taren @ Craggyosaurus (Twitter: Craggyosaurus)
Kelly @ Dash, Pinch, Smidgen (Twitter: @KellyMerrill)
Nicole @ Destination Unknown
Deb @ Deb's Garden
Shea @ Dixie Chik Cooks
Erin @ Gold Shoe Blog (Twitter: erinshawstreet)
Anna at Recipes for Newlyweds
Traylor @ Reflections of a Ragamuffin (Twitter: tlovvorn)
Clementine @ Restless and Roaming Returns to the Roost
Kelli at Restore Interiors
Heather @ Saving Money and Living Life
David @ Schablog (Twitter: ScottSchablow)
Hannnah at Simply Add Coffee
Brandi @ Small Town Famous (Go Where You've Never Been)
Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality (Twitter: Rhoda_SouthernH)
Courtney at Southern Soiree
Bethany Herrington @ So I Don't Forget...

Central Alabama (Montgomery, Auburn, etc):

Meg @ Auburn - Lake Martin
Bama Planter
Nick @ Cupboards
Nancy @ Faith, Family and Friends & Heartstrings
Deb @ He Gave Me a Dream
Vanessa @ God, Me and a Cup of Coffee
Judy @ Gracious Southern Living
Green Door Girl at Green Door Designs
Just Vintage
Karen (Still Magnolias) @ Karen's Korner
Amy @ Ordinarily Extraordinary (Twitter: AmyKiane)
Hannah at Peggy Ann Design
Trina @ Random Thoughts From Trina
Rambling Round @ Selma Daily Photo
Katie @ The Dyer Family
Mary Frances @ The Stanfords
Christen @ The Uncontainable Truth 
Amy@ Wade's World

North Alabama (Huntsville, Decatur, Gadsden, The Shoals, etc):

Debbie @ A Bama Mom
Hope @ A Little Hope...Amidst the Chaos
Gina @ Blessed Lane (Twitter: gina7477)
Bo Williams
c.a. Marks @ Carol Marks Online and Girl Gad About
Channel Huntsville
Kelli @ Diva Do's
Tarin at Frost Family Farm
Karla @ Gathering Life
Huntsville PR
Myra @ Happy Housewife Living Life
Laura @ Gasp!
Russell @ Geek Palaver
Sanda @ Halcyon Days
Jason @ Homesteading at Crowsonshire (Twitter: @Crowson2000)
Donna @ Is This Load Bearing?
Amanda @ Kevin and Amanda
Liz @ Lazy Liz on Less
Lynda @ Life on the Farmlet
The Brown Recluse @ Margaret's Musings and Head Noise
Lorie @ MeMe Lorie's
Merrimack Hall Performing Arts Center (Twitter: merrimackhall)
Carrie @ Missing Montana and The 3 Wilsons
Nichole at Nakins Goes Blogging
Brian Schweighardt @ OB's Corner
Anke @ Our Little Piece of Heaven
Laura @ Owl Tell You All About It and earphoria
Dr. Dean @ Pediatric Dentistry (Twitter: matrixband)
Rosedale Gardens
Jerri @ Simply Sweet Home
David @ Stories in my Pocket
Kathryn @ Successful Freelance Writer
kelley blake @ The Eclectic Owl
Tonya @ The Traveling Praters
Kristin @ Tips From the Disney Diva
Sweetie @ Walking out this blended family life
Kelli @ YelliKelli

South Alabama (Mobile, Orange Beach, etc):

Tony @ [Lapse...Brain Dead]
Adam and Wendy @ A&W
Rhonda @ Abide At Home
Rhonda @ A GRITS Life
Andrea @
A Modern Hippie
Becca @ A Southern Garden by Becca
BeachnRiver @ Beach'N'River's Excellent Adventures (Twitter: beachnriver)
Beverly at Beverly's Photo For The Day
Sandra Fikes @ Camera's Eye
Linda @ Coastal Charm
Jim Holmes @ Coffee With Jim Holmes (Twitter: @CoffeeWithJim )
Hope at Crafty Hope
JD @ Croweblog
Jennifer @ Deep South Dixie Couponers
Aubrey @ Eastern Shore Mom
Leslie Anne @ Fairhope Supply

Christine @ Fly Fish Chick
Lori @ Just Pure Lovely
Doc at Mod Mobilian
Dave @ On the Road With Dave (Twitter: DaveRobison)
Ryan @ Ryan Duclos
Jenny @ Strickly Strickland's
Sunny Day @ Sunny's Days
David @ The David Sullivan
Erica @ The Gut Bucket
James @ The Fairhope Times
Christen @ The Uncontainable Truth
Dirt Princess @ Trials and Tribulations of a Southern Gardener
Heather @ Wigen Out Isn't All That Bad

West Alabama (Tuscaloosa, Jasper etc):

Cherry Berry @ Cherishing Every Second
David @ DSmithImages
Tammy @ Greek GRITS (Girl Raised in the South)
Leslie @ Alabamenagerie
Mr. Macabre @ Mr. Macabre
Derek @ Randomness
Lianne @ Socks are NOT the enemy.
Shawn @ Tales From Street Road
Alana @ The Karl Family 
Carly @ The Edwards
Brent and Christen @ The Freeman Blog
Tina @ The Story of Us
Mary Kathryn @ The Mathews Family Happenings
Daphne @ The Williamson Family

East Alabama:

Robin @ Alabama Slacker Mama
bfarr @ Chattahoochee Valley Daily
Micha @ Cookin' Mimi and Small Town Pilgrim
Nathan @ Geek Alabama
Karen at Karen's Korner
Swampgirl @ Swampgirl
Sandra @ A Groovy Kind of Girl
Jenifer @ Parris Ponderings

Alabama Ex-Pats:

Carolyn @ Sweet Home and Garden Chicago
Jamie @ Follow the Lines Going South
Marion @ Gumbo and Grits (Louisiana)
Julie at Just Say Julie (Texas)
Patti @ Patti's Peach Basket (Atlanta)

Inactive Alabama Blogs:

Jennifer @ Southern Fried Stretchmarks
Tiffany @ Lil Red Bird Big Deals
Danielle @ Musings from the Fern
Joseph @ Joseph's Blog-O-Log
Rebecca @ Seeking Him In A Crazy World
Jan @ Inspiring Your Everyday Life
Thagood @ The Red Mountain Blogger
Ashley @ Motherhood Naked
Lindley @ An Agnostic and a Christian Walk Into a Bar
Apollo @ Apollo Rock It
Jules @ Dump The Rump
Jennifer @ Happiness is brilliant
Awdrey @ Home Sweet Home
J.E.M. Business Solutions
Melinda @ Just Stuff!
Kassia @ Kassia's Family Life and Kassia's Blog
Brittany @ Latte Love Mommy
Amy @ Living In Harmony
Giggles @ Me and the Mercedes...Marathon
Carol King @ Mocha Bay Sistahhood Cafe
Donya at My Beautiful Life
Meg at My Fuller Life
Tania @ My Little Life
Adrienne @ Pampered by Adrienne
Suzi at Sheer Fab Junk in my Trunk
Cassie@ Southern Domestic Goddess (Twitter: keithcs)
Southern Femme @ Southern Femme
Strange Kid at Strange Kids Club
Tammy @ The Single Girl Diaries
Heather St. Clair @ The St. Clair's
Jennifer @ These Small Hours and Peace of Life
Mark @ The Bull Speaks
Lisa @ Through the Eyes of a Fat Chick
Brandi @ Will Blog For Shoes
Ashley @ Wheeler-isms
Ainsley @ Where there is Love, There is Art
Sherry @ Your Never Alone
Courtney @ A Day in the Life of a Housewife
Christie @ Blue Chicken Dinners
Chris Davis at Dad Creates
Dennis @
David @ David's Drive-In
Christopher at dZine
Edwards @ EdwardsTheGreat
Freddy @ fear and loathing
Melissa @ Images by Missy and Little Things In Life
Lori @ Hotfoot Lori's Nascar Blog (Twitter: BamaTweetBird)
Shannon @ Great Homes Alabama
Angie @ Life Through a Pink Lens
B. Russell @ Modern Birmingham Bride
Curtis @ Musings on Birmingham
Amanda @ Mommy Working for the Weekend
Oh! Eco Me!
Rachel @ Rambling Robinsons (Twitter: rachel9334)
Kristen @ Southern Web Girl
Stay at Home Mommy "Wannabe" @ Stay at Home Mommy "Wannabe"
Gina @ Storms and Sunshine amongst Life's Uncertainties
Gigi @ Take With Food (Twitter: gdouban)
Beth @ The ALCAZAR Alca-Blog
Josh @ The Horse and The Wedding PhotogBlog
Bettina @ The Intercultural Post and Lessons from an 80's Alumna
Liz @ These are the Moments
Tonya @ There Is A Season (Twitter: forthegirls)
Jim @ This is Alabama
Bama Belle @ Thoughts of a Bama Belle
Abbie @ The Basket Hound
Kate Adams @ The Brooklyn Dodger
Rallenac @ Urbane Wonderings
Mary @ Paint.
Colleen @ Random Bits of Randomness
Tracy @ Show Me...State Of Mind
Kristen @ The Cunningham Family
Mama Bear @ Bears In Exile
EG @ Engineered Garden
K.L. Smith @ Football, Politics, and Church
Brian @ Flashpoint
Heather @ Heather Lynn Road
Amy @ Living in Harmony
Jennifer Weldon @ Southern Fried Stretch Marks
Awdrey @ Sweet Art
Mark Burhop @ Virtually 3D
Ashley @ Three Carrs'
Ann @ Women of God Art Retreat
Tonja @ Gatherings
Alan @ Move Beyond Church (Twitter: movebyondchurch)
Renee @ See Mobile Alabama
Allison @ Sweet (New) Home, Alabama
The City of Mobile City Hall Insider (Twitter: CityOfMobile)
Captain Chris Nelson at The Kayak Captain
William Bruce at The William Bruce Discussion
Amy @ Those Funny Little Girls
Marilyn @ Wheelchair Gardener
Mandy @ However Although Thus Several Several
Karl @ Noneya
Elizabeth @ The Art of Country Living
Sabrina @ The Crazy Mixed up Life of a Single Mom
Susan @ Three Girls and a Guy
Phillip at Florida Life (Florida)

Be sure and go meet your blogging neighbors!!!


Lianne said...

Cool idea! I am not sure which category I fit best in...we are 70 miles from B'ham and 65 from T-town. Is middle of nowhere an option? LOL!

Anonymous said...

this is a great idea rachel.can add my twitter (@amykiane) to mine?

Virginia said...

I'm in Leeds, right outside of Birmingham! My twitter is @blackflipflops and my blog is here:

MamaHen said...

Great idea. I can't wait to go and "visit" with everyone.

Rachel said...

Hey, just letting you know I'm in B'ham so you can move me from "somewhere in AL" if you'd like!


Jennifer said...

Hey! So happy about this site. I was referred by sweet Mama Hen. We are in Harpersville and I have two blogs, one about my kiddos (These Small Hours) and one about the journey of my faith and my struggles as a Believer (Peace Of Life) Please add it to the list as well, it is my work of heart. :)

Wade Kwon said...

Feel free to take out the Wade part of Media of Birmingham site -- it's a blog, but I don't want to give people the impression that it's just me. It's a networking group.

But feel free to add @WadeOnTweets to the remaining blogs I do run solo. Thanks!

Judy said...

How do I add my name to the Montgomery area bloggers? You can email me at



Trina said...

Thanks for the list Rachel. Will you add my Twitter name beside my blog name? (fabfrugtrina) You are the best! Thanks!

Merrimack Hall said...

Hi! Can we be added to the Huntsville/North Alabama list?

Merrimack Hall Performing Arts Center

Twitter: @merrimackhall

LadyGlutter said...

Very nice idea to tie us all together! I've searched for something similar, and never acted on the fact I've found nothing satisfactory. I'm glad you did.

Anyway, I'm in the Birmingham area. My twitter is @ladyglutter and my blog is At the moment, serves as the snazzy name, too. :P

Trina said...

I belong in the Central Alabama area. :)

Kathryn Lang said...

I went for a tromp around the state and we seem to have some very interesting characters. I tried to leave comments - but Blogger is not always cooperative (see my post "I Hate Blogger") so I failed on some sites.

Restoration House Interiors said...

Since I am not LIVING in AL I guess I am not technically supposed to be on this list or part of this group, eh? Hmmmm...I am STILL a BAMA way around that one. I love this blog and love seeing the names of all the places I grew up visiting, competing against in high school, it! IF I were in AL, then I would be part of North Alabama! Whoo, hoo!

courtne450 said...

I would love to be added to the list... I belong in the Birmingham area.
A day in the life of a housewife


Dave Robison said...

could you place On The Road With Dave under Mobile, Alabama.

Do you also belong to Bama Bloggers Unite?


HotfootLori said...

Can you add me to the Birmingham area list, please?

HotfootLori's NASCAR Blog:

Twitter: BamaTweetBird


Jamie said...

Can you add me to the Bham list?

Thanks! This is such a cool idea. I've been blogging for a year. I love it, but I just don't know many bloggers personally. This will be a great way to connect with others who do.


Traylor Lovvorn said...

I need to update my URL address. It is and your link has the www included. Thanks in advance! Also, I am @tlovvorn on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Add me to the North Alabama/Decatur list. Thanks!

largehearted boy said...

Please add me (David Gutowski) and my wife to the Birmingham list:

Largehearted Boy

my wife's (Linda Gutowski) blog:

Awdrey said...

You can add my blog to the Gadsden area

Megan @ Hold it Up to the Light said...

I can't wait to check out all my fellow Bama bloggers! I would be honored to be added to the list....this is very cool :)

My blog is "Hold it Up to the Light"

I live in I guess there is a category for me :) Can't wait to check out all the sites :)

lovingmytwoboys said...

I'm in Birmingham! My twitter is @mom2munchkinz and my blog is


Hi! I am in Alexander City. Definitely Central site is and I would love to be part of the Alabama bloggers group.

Tracy Bentley said...

I would like to be added to the Alabama Blog.

tracy B at


I notice the Railroad Museum advetisement. I am amemeber and was wondering who else was interested in the railroad, please let me know.

Nancy Hood said...

Hey, thanks for adding me! I live in Prattville, near Montgomery, so you can move me to that spot! Thanks!!

Curtis said...

please add > Musings on Birmingham < ... URI =

Unknown said...

I'm in Jacksonville, Alabama. North East corner, near Anniston and Gadsden. Our family blog is:

karl said...

I'm a blogger in Tuscaloosa. I just added your button to my blog's sidebar.

Stay-At-Home Mommy "Wannabe" said...

Hi, I would love to be added to the blog list...I'm in Chelsea, AL so I guess that would be considered Central Alabama. My blog is Thanks!

White Oak Attic Dot Com said...

I would love to be added to your list I live in Alabaster, AL so I guess Birmingham area is close enough right?

I'm enjoying visiting all the other Alabama sites and have started tweeting them @BBofSocialMedia, @WhiteOakAttic or @Lisa_Isbell depending on the subject matter of the blog. This is a great idea ~ Thanks!

Kate said...

Can I get on the list? I'm in the Birmingham area!

White Oak Attic Dot Com said...

Rita and I are in the Birmingham Area and just started a blog about our Social Media classes...can we be on the list too?

Follow us: @BBofSocialMedia

Alphabet Soup Momma said...

Hey! So glad I found this blog. I'm in Trussvile, can you add me to Birmingham area blogs! Thanks!! said...

We'd love to be on the list! Angie, Trish and Jamie @ - we're in Birmingham!

I'm a Mom!..? said...

Hey Rachel!

Can you add our Twitter to that as well? @birminghammommy


Dr. Dean Brandon said...

I'm in Huntsville

Twitter: @Matrixband

Beth said...

I'd love to be added to the list! :) Actually, I'd love for both of my blogs to be added if you don't mind me taking up two spaces.

Unskinny Boppy:

Southern Living Naturally:

Beth near Birmingham

Donna said...

Thank you! I am in anywhere in Alabama.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kelly said...

I'm a Birmingham blogger! and my twitter name is @kellymerrill!

Anonymous said...

Hi!!! is one of the most excellent innovative websites of its kind. I enjoy reading it every day. I will be back.

Kelly said...

thank you for posting my blog! The link doesn't appear to be set up, dash pinch smidgen should link to . Thanks again!

Jamie said...

I'm now, unfortunately, an Expat

Leigh L. said...

My food blog is I would love to be a part of your group since I live in Bham.

Anonymous said...

We would love to be added to the list. Our blog is We are locate in North Alabama.

Adrienne said...

I would love to be a part of the list!

I live in Birmingham.

Trina said...

Hey Rachel, can you change my blog name to xoxo, Trina and make sure it's to the new link:

Thanks for all you do!

Anke said...

Just recently found out about Alabama bloggers. Already added the button to my blog, could you add me to the Huntsville list?

Nick Lovelady said...

How have I missed this until now!?

We'd love to be on the list. Sylacauga here, so I guess that's central Bama.

Nick @ Cupboards (

If it's cool, I'd like to add the Alabama Bloggers tag to out blog.

Thx! Nick

Anonymous said...

Hey! This is Mrs. Graves from Family Plots! We live in Huntsville and would love it if you added us to your Huntsville section!

Anonymous said...

You should maybe included for the Tuscaloosa area. It's kind of a blog, but also a weekly video podcast of events in the Tuscaloosa and West Alabama.

Julie said...

Could you please add me to the Alabama Ex-pats? Thanks!

c.a. Marks said...

FYI, I'm not longer at Southern Sinful bliss... I'm not at


Anonymous said...

Hi! Can you add me to the Central AL list (I'm in Auburn). Thanks!!

Twitter: @PeggyAnn_Design


I am in East Alabama, 3 miles from the Georgia line just outside of Roanoke, AL.
My blog is Karen's Korner
Can you add me to the list?

Amanda said...

Hi! I am a new blogger from the Birmingham area (specifically Leeds). I am excited about this new journey and can't wait to meet everyone! Here is a link to my blog, Mommy Working for the Weekend:

Nice to meet you all!

Magnolia Mom said...

Just found your blog and am so excited! I'm blogging from Auburn, AL.


Julie Adams said...

Hi, everyone! My blog comes to you from Conecuh County. I document life on our family farm at and on Facebook at

I'm really looking forward to reading local folks' blogs!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Rachel,
Just joined your list. I live in Hayden, half way between Birmingham and Cullman. I'm only 30 miles from Birmingham and I grew up there could you put me on the Birmingham list? Thanks so much! - patsy

Ignore capitals- darn auto correct

Tania said...

How do I get on the list?

Tania, Autaugaville, Al (Central)


Tiffany said...

Hi. Will you add Tiffany from Lil' Red Bird BIG DEALS to the Birmingham area section. I'm on twitter too - @RedBirdBIGDEALS. Thanks!

Shermika said...

ArtBLT covers all things art: music, food, fashion, film, and more. We are based in Birmingham, AL and owned by TamikaBelle & ShermikaBelle.

The Brown Recluse (TBR) said...

I'd love to see you add "The Shoals" to North Alabama. Also, my blog, Margaret's Musings could be moved to North Alabam from "Somewhere in Alabama."

Great list!!

Liz Campbell said...

We just move here in Huntsville from DC for school and job couple of years ago. I am also very new to blogging world(2 months ago)and I am excited I found your site, I might find new friends here. Can you add me to Huntsville list? Thanks a bunch.

Taren said...

Please to add me to the Birmingham list? Blog = and twitter = craggyosaurus


Jenny Strickland said...

Please add me to the list!

I live in the Dothan area!


Sharon @ Crooked Creek Studio said...

What an awesome job you've done, Rachel! I can't wait to check out all the new blogs.

Under Bham, my blog shows as Ivy Pottery & Crafts, but it should be Crooked Creek Studio. The link is correct, just the name should be changed. Thanks and keep up the great work. We all appreciate you!

Wade Kwon said...

Please add the Alabama Social Media Association,

You can put it under Birmingham or Somewhere in Alabama.



Anonymous said...

Can you add my blog to the B'ham area please

Anonymous said...

Could you add me in Huntsville:

David Hitt

Mslawanda said...

I would love to be added...Im in Madison and Im on twitter @mslawanda and Facebook at:As the Wind Blows This is a great way to network and find some new blogs to read thanks!

Deals Birmingham said...

Awesome idea,
Can you add me to the Birmingham area list,I will be so glad.Thanks

D Leigh Gray said...

Please add my information for the South Alabama Area (Mobile)

Twitter @SouthandGray

Thanks so much! I hope I can make the trip for the Alabama Bloggers Meet-Up
~Dwaynia Leigh Gray

D Leigh Gray said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kitty said...

I am so loving this. I can't wait to visit some of your blogs.
Fritzi Marie

Kitty said...

p.s. I'm blogging from Auburn and I would love to be added to your list.

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

I may be totally blind, but I couldn't find my blog on the list. Please add:

Hope @ Fairhope Supply Co.

to the South Alabama section.

Thankya,thankya, thankya!

Unknown said...

Hi! I'm Christy with My Invisible Crown.

Unknown said...

Oops! I'm in the Birmingham area.

sanda said...

Just found your page.
Please add my "Halcyon Days" blog.
Shoals area.
thanks so much

Nadine said...

Could you please add me to the Birmingham list?

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,

Would you mind adding me to the list? Might want to add me to the Tuscaloosa or Alabama Ex Pats group.

(@timeandprogress and

Anonymous said...

Hi! Could you please add StyleBlueprint to your list ( We are a lifestyle blog that celebrates all the best of Birmingham.

Thank you!

Catherine Romero
Birmingham City Editor

Charita Cadenhead, Blogger, Life Coach, Author, said...

I'm a proud blogger too. Charita Cadenhead ( Bham WIiRE stands for Birmingham Women Investing in Real Estate. Can I be added to the list?

Brenda D. said...

Could you please add me to the Birmingham Area Bloggers list
Because Mawmaw Said So

Thanks and God Bless

Brenda Delawder

Unknown said...

Hey Rachel,
I am in Birmingham and would love to be added to the list!


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hiplib said...

I'm Rod Walker, my blog is
It's about my adventures as a taxicab driver in Birmingham and the metro area. Would you please add me to the Birmingham list?

hiplib said...

I'm Rod Walker, my blog is It's about my adventures as a taxicab driver in Birmingham and the metro area. Would you please add me to the Birmingham section?

Rachel said...

I'm Rachel from Fluted Cups & Ampersands. :) My blog URL is and I'm from North Alabama. (Huntsville, to be exact!)

Unknown said...

It will help in organizing events, and it will have its own sidebar button so that anyone can go to it to find a list of bloggers in their region.

Events In Alabama

Lisa said...

Hello! I am not from Alabama but I am looking for information on family that lived in Sylacauga. Bob and Josie Morrison. They owned Eason's Sinclair gas and grocery station. They have sinced passed, but if anyone remembers them or the store I would love to contact you!
My email is

Thanks in advance!

sanda said...

I was on the list but my blog seems to have dropped off. Please add me again. My blog is Halcyon Days


I'm in north Alabama

Unknown said...

What a great list! I would love to be added to it. My blog is

I'm located in Elba, so I suppose that would put me in the Southern region. Thank you so much!! :)

Unknown said...


What a wonderful list. I have been building something similar. Its an email list for Alabama bloggers that provides support with common problems. The tips cover such things as better content, building your audience, giving back, measuring analytics correctly, marketing and networking even how to develop an eBook or product (if thats your goal). Wonderful stuff.

I would love if my personal blog could be added:

Thanks again this is an awesome resource!

Karl Dennis

Constance Smith said...

Hmmm, I thought I added myself here a long time ago, but I don't see my blog. I'm in Northern Alabama (Huntsville) Constance @ The Foodie Army Wife

Unknown said...

Hi fellow Alabama Bloggers!! My name is Stefanie and I would LOVE ot be on the list. I'm in Alabaster and my blog is:


Three Friends and a Fork said...

Three Friends and a Fork would love to be added. I looked and unless I just missed it, we weren't there.

Unknown said...

Can I get my info updated? My blog is now

And I'm stylewithtaren on twitter.


Unknown said...

This is a great idea! Can I get added to the list. I live halfway between Tuscaloosa & Birmingham so I'm not sure which category I fit into.

instagram: lifeinthelittleyellowhouse
twitter: lifeinthelyh

If you haven't linked up and introduced yourself yet, be sure to go here to do so!