Sunday, August 12, 2012

Be Freshfully in August!

I remember the moment I first heard of Freshfully.  It was one of those ideas - the brilliant ones - that make you scream at yourself, "Why didn't I think of that??"

Jen and Sam of Freshfully launched their website in November 2011 as a marketplace for fresh, locally grown produce, dairy, and other food items.  Farmers can list their items for sale, and consumers have a single place to go to track down the honestly-grown items that they're looking for.

It's such a fabulous way to promote buying local, buying fresh, and supporting the community.

A few months later, they entered the Occupy Avondale contest to attempt to win six months of free rent in a storefront.  They were required to submit financial projections and a business plan, give their pitch to community leaders, and then answer follow-up questions about their projected traffic and sales.

In May of 2012, they won the contest, which allowed them to open a storefront on a beautiful street in Avondale, again offering local produce, meat, dairy, coffee, candy, honey, sauces, and other products.

Farmers sell their produce to them for resell, and Freshfully doesn't charge a slotting fee like most grocers, thereby benefiting the farmers significantly.

They have a great selection, and bill themselves as "happy people selling local food."

If you haven't visited Freshfully yet, this is the perfect time to experience their store.  And if you're a regular, listen up, because you can benefit from this too: for the month of August, they are offering a 10% discount in the market to all of you!! All that you have to do is say, "Who's Your Farmer?" when you check out.

Easy enough, no?  And a fabulous way to buy local, support local, and eat fabulous food.

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Janet said...

What a great idea! This is certainly a much more tasteful Occupy movement! Here's hoping they do well.

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