Wednesday, July 18, 2012

See For Yourself: Week Nine

See For Yourself is a weekly feature on Alabama Bloggers that gives you a short list of great bloggers that you should be following.  Click through to their blogs and see for yourself why!

Jason @ The Messy Epicure  (Twitter: MessyEpicure)  - Jason is the premier food blogger in Birmingham.  If you want to know how a new restaurant is (in the opinion of a true foodie who knows what they're talking about), then you need to subscribe to Jason's blog and watch for his articles in local magazines.

Kate @ Good Fences Make Good Neighbors (Twitter: KateMWB) - Kate tells beautiful stories of her life and thoughts.  Her creative writing style will reel you in and make you want to read more.

Ben @ Might Stain Your Shirt (Twitter: BenMSYS) - Ben is a former manager at a high-end restaurant in Birmingham, but made a career change so that he could see his family more often.  He now shares his expertise (and many other random facts) on his blog.

Will you be featured next week?  Check back to See For Yourself!  And feel free to make nominations for blogs that should be featured in future See For Yourself articles!

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