Monday, July 2, 2012

Homewood's Little Donkey Serves Both Fresh Food and Ideas.

We’re the type of family that likes to wait until the hype dies down to visit a new restaurant.  We don’t like waiting for a table, and we’re also okay with being the last to try something new.

However, I’ve been desperately wanting to try Little Donkey since learning about their local pork sourcing and their use of only fresh, made-from-scratch ingredients while at the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival.

We finally had the opportunity to visit last Saturday for lunch.  We were a bit nervous about having to wait since we arrived at noon.  But much to our delight, they seated us immediately.

Five seconds later, we were gifted with a basket of chips and a large bowl of salsa.

(Forgive the photo quality of this post.  I came unprepared and only had my iPhone camera.)

I adored the salsa.  I’m in a committed and loving relationship with cilantro, and they are quite generous with it.  It wasn’t too spicy, which I also appreciated.

(For those that prefer it more scorching, they had their homemade hot sauce on the table.)

We tried their Queso Fundido, which was still bubbling when it came to the table.  It had a thick layer of cheese over chorizo, and was served with their handmade tortillas.

I loved their tortillas and the rich flavors of this dish, and my husband and I easily finished it off.
We also tried the Chilaquiles at the recommendation of Jason at The Messy Epicure.

This dish was very unique, as the tortilla chips were coated then fried in salsa.  And just in case that wasn’t weird enough, there were soft poached eggs to drizzle over the creation.

This wasn’t my favorite dish, but my husband loved it, and was glad to take over my portion.

After the appetizers, I wasn’t nearly as hungry as I wanted to be, so I only ordered a Fish Taco.

Served again with another generous portion of cilantro, pickled cabbage, and chipotle cream, this was by far the best fish taco I’ve ever had.  Everything was fresh and crisp and so flavorful, all set off beautifully by the divine handmade tortillas.

Our service was excellent and the food was fabulous.

So naturally, we were back the very next week, this time with the kids in tow.

Kids at Little Donkey 2
Little Donkey’s kid’s menu was also great, offering quesadillas, grilled cheese, and chicken drumsticks, among a few other options.  I opted for quesadillas and grilled cheese, since I didn’t want to go to the trouble of cutting chicken off the bone.  They were both hits, and the fruit was plentiful and fresh.

The kid’s portions were so generous that I regretted getting each of them their own plate –they could have easily shared and still had food left over, despite their impressive appetites that day.

Kids at Little Donkey
Little Donkey has definitely earned it’s place in our meal rotation – both with and without the kids.

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