Wednesday, July 11, 2012

See For Yourself: Week Eight

See For Yourself is a weekly feature on Alabama Bloggers that gives you a short list of great bloggers that you should be following.  Click through to their blogs and see for yourself why!

This week's See For Yourself is blatant nepotism.  Just so you know.

My Dad, Vic Zannis, just started a blog called A Lap of Alabama.  He's never been one to shy away from an adventure, including a 45 day race from Beijing to Paris in a 1950 Ford, multiple races through the entire length of Mexico in antique cars, and traveling five days across country in a truck with three kids and his Mother-in-Law - three times. 

For their 40th wedding anniversary, my parents are going to be traveling in a 1930 Model A Ford around the perimeter of the entire state of Alabama.  Their rules are simple: no interstates, no chain hotels, and no fast food.  Their goal is to visit some of the more unique and unknown sights in Alabama and in the neighboring states.

Dad is currently in the rebuilding stage, preparing the Model A for their extended travels.  They are also working on their route, and are looking for suggestions on what sights they should see and where they should stay.

He will be blogging the planning and executing of their entire adventure on his new blog, and if he starts to fade in his blogging determination, you know that I'll be there to pitch a childlike fit and force him to sit down and write.  So head over to his new blog and read about their trip, and be sure to let him know of any suggestions that you have for places to visit, stay, or eat.

Will you be featured next week?  Check back to See For Yourself!  And feel free to make nominations for blogs that should be featured in future See For Yourself articles!

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