Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spotlight Someone Else Day: Great Alabama Blogs!

It's always great to get new recommendations of blogs to read - especially when they're local! I have been amazed at the close relationships that I have formed with other bloggers, which have only been made closer by getting to meet in person.

Also, as one of my favorite shows, Numb3rs, pointed out Friday night, us writers love a little recognition! So let's take a minute and all recognize our favorite Alabama Bloggers, and in the meantime, learn of some great new blogs to read!

I'll go first.

There are WAY too many Alabama Bloggers that I LOVE to name them all (and still leave room for your lists!!), so I narrowed my list down to bloggers that I didn't know before blogging but have met in real life and now consider friends, all due to our blogging relationship:

Lianne at Socks are NOT The Enemy
Rachel at Rambling Robinsons
Mama Hen at Long Days, Short Years
Amy at Ordinarily Extraordinary
Beth at The Alcazar Alca-Blog
Marie at All Access Pass to Jack
Valerie at It's a Wonderful Life
Rhoda at Southern Hospitality
Trina at xoxo, Trina
Matt at Impending Distractions

All of their blogs are EXCELLENT - you must check them out!!

So, what are your Alabama favorite blogs to read?

And what friends have you made because of blogging?


Trina said...

I made the list! Whoop! :D lol

Well of course yours makes my list, you never cease to make me laugh, think, smile, think some more (cuz of all those big words you use lol) and laugh some more. I love your blog!

Another Bama blogger I love is Brandi @ Will Blog for Shoes.

Last but not least, my friend Heather who is beautiful, wise and so creative.

I've made so many friends thru blogging! You for one. Also Brandi, Moriah and Heather from Texas are just a few.

j said...

Leigh at Bloggeritaville

I read her daily and I've met her in real life. What I love about Leigh's blog is that her TRUE personality comes across. She really is as gracious and warm in person as she is in her writing.

I like Rachel of Alabama Bloggers too and I NEED to meet her one day :)

Marie said...

Thanks for the mention, Rachel! I look forward to browsing through the "list" and getting to know more Alabama bloggers. My at the moment faves that you did not mention already are of course you, and

Beth @ UnskinnyBoppy said...

The Grumpy Gardener over at Southern Living cracks me up so much, he tops my list of favorite local bloggers.

Another favorite is Layla at The Lettered Cottage. Her kitchen remodel is fantastic!

MamaHen said...

Rachel~you are too sweet. It will be fun going and checking these blogs out.

I am going to recommend my sister's blog

She cracks me up!

Beth said...

Thanks, Rachel! I'm super glad to be able to count you as one of my friends... all thanks to blogging! ;)

Valerie said...

Rachel thank you so much!! I have been so busy that today is the first day I've been over to see this post. I like this idea and will do a post of my own. As far as bloggers go I find your personal blog one of my favorites too.

Anonymous said...
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