Thursday, October 8, 2009

Meet-up Recap

We had an awesome meet-up at Jim N Nicks today - there were seven of us there, which I am thinking must be a PERFECT number for a blogger meet-up, because we had the best conversations today!! We laughed, we talked super-geeky blogger talk, we discussed the pros and cons of all sorts of things and even touched on the new blogging FTC regulations.

For all of those who came, here is the list of the attenders so that we can find each other:

Rachel @ Grasping for Objectivity and Alabama Bloggers
Matt @ Get on With Your Nightlife and Impending Distractions
Valerie @ It's a Wonderful Life
Jamie @ Jamie's Rabbits
Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality
Marie @ All Access Pass to Jack and Putting my Thoughts on Paper
Nicki @ Birthplace of the Process of Illogical Thought

I think I checked off with everyone about being listed, but if you don't want to be listed or I got your listing wrong, let me know and I'll fix/remove it!

We had a wonderful time, and I can't wait until our next meet-up! Be sure to join us next time!


Nicki said...

It's spelled 'Nicki' please. :D

Rachel said...

Oops (blush)
Sorry about that!

Nicki said...

Thank you! :D

Megan @ Hold it Up to the Light said...

Sad I couldn't make it. I had sick kiddos at the beginning of the week and had a million things to catch up on Today. Hope to make it next time! Glad y'all had fun :)

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Rachel & all you other wonderful folks, I enjoyed it too. Fun to meet and greet and put names & faces together.

If you haven't linked up and introduced yourself yet, be sure to go here to do so!