Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hometown Tour - Hayden

By Valerie

Hello Everyone!

Hayden is a small town just 30 miles north of Birmingham. If you are looking for country living, this is the place to be! Hayden is located in Blount County. Known as Rockland it was renamed Hayden after Major Hayden, a south Alabama native that came to live here before the Civil War. It was renamed in 1914 when the L & N Railroad was built.

There is no industry in Hayden, but it is growing every day. In recent years there have been flurry of new neighborhoods popping up. Some of the most beautiful homes you have seen are being built in this little community. Some of the new neighborhoods are Indian Hills, Willow Parc, Green Meadows, Chesapeake Hills, Haley Hills, Misty Acres and Magnolia Downs. Now I know I have left a few out.

Willow Parc Subdivision

All of the schools in Hayden are new. They have a primary, elementary, middle and highschool. Hayden Primary are grades K – 2, Elementary 3 – 4, Middle 5 – 7 and High school is 8 – 12. Let me tell you these are great schools. Their mascot is the Wildcat and the students have a variety of different classes they can choose as electives.

Hayden Middle School

At first glance after exiting I-65 it doesn’t look like much to do at all. But there are several local activities that you would never know were here. There are Fortner Farms and Grace Farms where you can go pick your own produce and they have anything you can think of. For golf lovers there is Plantation Golf Club. They are open 7 days a week, and not only can you enjoy a game of golf, but they also have special events that can be held there. Check out their website to see their beautiful grounds.

There are even more surprises in Hayden. Rickwood Caverns hosts all kinds of events that you and your family can enjoy. Activities include cave tours, camping and swimming. This is the perfect place for a day of family fun.

Other activities are the Acoustic Cafe – Live Music On The Mountain. They host special musical events. It’s an outdoor amphitheatre. I have never been myself but I hear a lot of people say they have had a good time there. They also have campsites and hiking trails.

Do your kids enjoy animals? If so, they will have a blast at Sharitt Petting Farm. They have summer day camps that include horse riding lessons, trail rides, arts and crafts. They also provide birthday parties and family reunions. Hop over and take a look at all of their animals and different activities.

So while Hayden is considered a “bedroom” community, there is a lot to do. It has many hidden jewels that you as a family can enjoy. Although I don’t live there now, I did spend a good amount of my summers there. Right now everyone in my family except for my sister and I live there. It is really quiet and a great place to sit on the front porch swing and enjoy nature.

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Stacey said...

I didn't know Hayden had all new schools. How nice! I used to live a couple of miles south of Hayden and I really liked it.

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