Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blogger Meet-Up: In Pictures.

If you’ve ever wondered what a Blogger Meet-Up looks like, here are a few shots of it…

Photos by Amy  





Basically, there’s a lot of talking.  Talking about blogging and not about blogging, having serious conversations, technical conversations, and even hilarious conversations! 

We all get so caught up in blogging being our “virtual world” that we forget the benefits of talking face-to-face with those virtual people until we try it – and it is so enriching! 

I hope you can join us for our February Meet-Up – date and details to be announced soon!

Thank you so much to Amy for her event photography.  Amy’s amazing photography skills can be seen on her blog, Ordinarily Extraordinary.


Wade Kwon said...

Thanks so much to Amy for taking these great shots! Who's that handsome fellow in the hat?

Carl Carter said...

Very awkward for those of us who told our wives we were nibbling on greens at the local organic market. Oh well ...

Rachel said...

Wade, I found the hat to be quite dashing!

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