Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Meet-Up Link-Up

We had one of our largest crowds ever today at the Alabama Bloggers Lunch! With well over 20 people there, I didn't get to talk to many people as long as I wanted to - but I hope that everyone had a great time visiting with those sitting near them!

Thanks SO much to Wade for hosting the event this month - you did a fabulous job, and I REALLY appreciate all of your efforts!

And thank you to Amy, who took some pictures of the group today - I'll try to get those up tomorrow.

And finally, a special thanks to Hallie Gibbs and the awesome staff at the Mellow Mushroom for taking such great care of us!

We will be announcing the February Meet-Up details very soon, so keep your eye out and be sure to come!!

If you came to the meet-up today, please link your blog or twitter up below if you were there so that we can all find each other!


Wade Kwon said...

Thanks to everyone who came today, especially those I "coaxed" into hosting future Alabama Bloggers meetups!

And kudos to Amy for taking photos (always a thankless task).

Lynn @ Honey Darlins Corner said...

I would love to go to a Alabama group meet-up! I hate I missed the one today.

Cyn said...

Thanks to Mellow Mushroom, Wade and Rachael for a great lunch! It was great to meet so many new people. I look forward to many more lunches soon.

Kate said...

It was great to make some new friends... As someone new to AL and blogging, it was a fantastic opportunity to talk face-to-face with some awesome online folks!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I had a great time today and loved seeing everyone I knew plus meeting several I'd never met before. And it was terrific meeting BABY NOAH!

TrishBog said...

Great to meet the few people I was able to... sorry I had to leave early to pick up kids!!

Looking forward to next time!

Carl Carter said...

What a turnout! I always learn a lot from the folks in this group, and having the beautiful, well-behaved children was an extra bonus. Thanks to Wade for hosting and everybody who helped organize it.

Nanci Scarpulla said...

Love seeing everyone, as always. Mellow Mushroom did a great job of taking care of us too!

If you haven't linked up and introduced yourself yet, be sure to go here to do so!