Thursday, January 13, 2011

Amy's Extraordinary Alabama: Wellborn Muscle Car Museum

By Amy


Do you have a guy, big or little, in your life that is fascinated with cars? My son is always talking about cars, their engines and many other things that I usually don’t understand inevitably end up in almost every conversation. If any of the guys in your life are like this and you're ever near or around Alexander City check out the Wellborn Muscle Car Museum. I took my son and a friend and for almost an hour listened to them oh and ah about these cars. I may not be into cars, but to see this many in one place was interesting.


Located in downtown Alexander City, the Wellborn Muscle Car Museum is a wonderful trip for those guys in your life that are fascinated by muscle cars of the 1960s and 1970s. It is the largest museum of its kind, dedicated to the height of the musclecar era of 1969-1971. For more information visit their website.

From their website:

For many years, the Wellborns had owned and mutually managed a fabulous kitchen cabinet manufacturing company. Their life has been spent working side by side running the day to day operations of the company and casually collecting cars together. It was perfect until an unexpected turn of events changed everything.

The company started suffering. When the Wellborns pulled out all stops to save their business, their plan included selling the majority of the cars they had collected. Most would see this as unfortunate, but the positive pair was thankful to have the resources that in the end did help save the cabinet business.

With a revitalized business, but an empty garage the Wellborns set out to reclaim their beloved cars.

This series of events inspired them to own the cars of their dreams.

It is amazing to realize that the Wellborn’s collection of musclecars has evolved in much of the same manner as the musclecar industry did in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Musclecars were born to a generation ready to rumble. The country was emerging from the Great Depression and World War II. The country had seen bad times and now had reason to celebrate. When the Wellborns’ livelihood was threatened and business was suffering, they turned things around. Now they had reason to celebrate. The quest began. Today, they rightfully own the largest collection of Dodge cars in the nation. The Wellborns have every color of the 1971 Dodge Chargers with the exception of two.

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