Sunday, July 26, 2009

Find Inspiration for Writing

By Kathryn

Getting the right idea for your blog is sometimes just under your nose. There are ideas for articles and posts every where you turn but ideas can be sneaky. It is important to learn to recognize great ideas and to get them down on paper or the computer before they get away.
Uncover Writing Ideas

    1. Use the waiting room as your personal resource. Each magazine will have dozens of stories that can give you ideas for great articles.

    2. Break down the sermon each week. You may get one post, you may get a series of posts or you may end up with something completely unrelated to the actual sermon.

    3. Watch the news. As long as a pop icon hasn’t died there are often a dozen interesting stories that can spark your inspiration.

    4. Ease drop on others at the restaurant, in the elevator or any where you can get away with it.

    5. Go to the park. Kids are always a great inspiration for articles.

    6. Go through your pictures. Write an article around your images.

    7. Review a movie or book. Try not to give away the essence of the movie but do let the reader know what you thought of the movie.

    8. Visit other blogs to see what people are reading.

    9. Let the rhythm move your soul. Turn on some tunes or just use your favorite lyrics to guide your posts. Do a series with your favorite song titles as the title of each post.

    10. Do a top ten list. Lists are always fun.

There are no restrictions on where you can uncover inspiration. The key is to get that inspiration on paper. Carry a notebook, a recorder or some way to lock down your inspiration before it gets away.

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