Sunday, July 19, 2009

Begin the Path to a Better Blog

By Kathryn

Start with a plan. It doesn't matter what you are doing in life. A good plan is the best way to start. Success is guided by a plan that is followed with consistency and determination. Building a blog that does all that you want it to do starts with a plan.
Tips for Building a Blog

    • Track your readers - you need to know exactly how many people are visiting and when so that you know what changes to make to increase your numbers.

    • Keep It Simple . . . - set up an easy to find RSS feed button so that readers can continue to follow your blog.

    • Keep it clean - an easy font, limited widgets, fewer applications and add-ons and basic images will all make your blog easier for the reader to enjoy.

    • Make it you - every path to success is a unique path known only to you. Make your journey to your blog your own by writing what you want to write the way you want to write. Passion will do more to draw readers than anything else you have to offer.

Building a better blog starts with a plan. Make a plan that includes a method for tracking visitors, a clean and simple design and content that is unique to your site.

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