Monday, August 12, 2013

Win a Pair of Passes to KEEN Digital Summit!!

Really – who wouldn’t love an excuse to visit Nashville?


There’s a new kind of conference coming to Nashville in October, and it has something for everyone.

KEEN Digital Summit is a three-day networking, digital media and brand development conference that will serve as the Omni Nashville's grand opening event from Oct. 24-27. It's an official partnership with the city of Nashville, and there are four tracks--family, technology, food/drink, travel--all of which will bring some of the top innovators in their fields to Nashville to share the latest in digital and mobile technologies, while offering a venue for connecting digital influencers with brands.

I love this concept of covering so many topics, because let’s face it: Twitter has ruined my attention span. I’m used to reading 140 characters of philosophy, then seeing a sunset photo, then reading a vaguely angsty statement, then laughing out loud at a witty remark.

And I kinda love it that way.

So with the four focuses of this conference, I can jump back and forth as my attention span demands, learning from the top industry experts of each one. And regardless of how you use Social Media, you are certain to find a track that fits you. Plus, as a bonus, you will get to enjoy the luxury of being one of the first to experience a brand new Omni Hotel!

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They have reps from Ogilvy, Microsoft, HGTV, Southern Living, Expedia, Jeff Corwin's team and other big companies speaking on panels and conducting Q&As. And one of those fantastic experts happens to be Alabama’s own Erin Shaw Street from Southern Living!

Also, students and recent grads can get their tickets for half-price – only $149 for the entire three day event!

I have two passes to give away to one of you. If you would like to win, simply use the options in the Rafflecopter Widget Below:

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This giveaway will be open until Sunday, August 18.  We will notify the winner on Monday, August 19.

Good Luck!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, but was given a two passes to cover the event. All opinions are my own.


Rachel said...

I'd love to learn about how to utilize social media tools in different areas of business! How to use them for good and not for evil ;)

Unknown said...

I've been going to some conferences recently about Social Media Marketing. I would love to broaden my understanding and learn how to better implement Social Media into my business platform

Unknown said...

I've been going to some conferences recently about Social Media Marketing. I would love to broaden my understanding and learn how to better implement Social Media into my business platform

Sue Anne said...

I live near Nashville. I would love to go. :)

Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

Wouldn't we have fun being introverted together??? :-)

Taren said...

I would love to learn how to utilize social media for the company I work for. We're looking to expand our SEO/Social Media management services so I would love to find creative ways to help our customers achieve the best social media presence that they can.

Brandi said...

Would love this opportunity to learn-- would be great to brush up for personal use as as well as for my job!

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