Thursday, August 8, 2013

Best Post of the Week: Week 214

It's time to link in your best post of the week!

The purpose of this column is to make it easier to keep up with each other's blogs, so that even if we don't have time to read all of the Alabama Blogger blogs every day, at least we get the week's highlights.

So, link up, tell us why you linked that post, and let's start reading! And remember - the best way to get new blogging friends is to comment on other people's posts, so be sure to say "hi" to your neighbors when you visit!

p.s. - please feel free to interpret "this week" as loosely as you like!


Rachel said...

My post is all about the things you didn't buy on Zulily.

Karcher said...

Figuring out how to deactivate Jetpack tools is not easy... This will save you time, and you will thank me one day. Seriously.

Wild Woman said...

Need some fast & easy projects to do over the weekend? Want to reduce the amount of chemicals in your home? Me too!

Audrey said...
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Anonymous said...

Need a last-minute getaway spot? Here's my guest post for Bourbon & Boots about Fort Morgan, AL.

Janet said...

This week, my Selma photo blog features Lafayette Park, where the Marquis de Lafayette once stopped for a brief visit. This is also the site of Selma's first river bridge before it was replaced by the Edmund Pettus Bridge in 1940.

Wade Kwon said...

I have four to share this week ...

13. Project Bulk - Every now and then, I'd like some time off from rigorous calorie counting.

14. Birmingham Blogging Academy - 55 ideas for putting great content on your blog

15. Y'all Connect - How our attendees photographed our conference.

16. Alabama Bloggers - My thanks to Rachel for her post on what she learned at Y'all Connect.

Looking forward to your posts.

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