Wednesday, June 13, 2012

See For Yourself: Week Four

See For Yourself is a weekly feature on Alabama Bloggers that gives you a short list of great bloggers that you should be following.  Click through to their blogs and see for yourself why!

BooMama @ BooMama (Twitter: boomama) - Sophie can spin a tale like no other, with endless rabbit trails and random attacks of laughter (from you, of course).  Follow her for her always fascinating take on the South.

B & T @ Bryants of Bham (Twitter: BryantsOfBham) - The Bryant's always have great information on Birmingham, especially in the Bluff Park area.  Follow them to keep informed on what is going on around you!

Laura Kate @ Magic City Made  (Twitter: MagicCity_Mama) - Laura Kate should be named Birmingham's cheerleader.  She is constantly pointing out the beautiful, the lovely, and the perfect parts of the city.  Follow her to feel refreshed, encouraged, and informed about Birmingham.

Will you be featured next week?  Check back to See For Yourself!  And feel free to make nominations for blogs that should be featured in future See For Yourself features!

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