Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pastry Art Bake Shoppe

By Leigh Bratina

Today I invite you o come along with me to a new bakery that I have discovered in town (Homewood) called Pastry Art bake Shoppe. In case you are wondering, it is indeed edible art. But don't let the name mislead you, the art is also the taste.

Pastry art specializes in cakes of all kinds, but what has the place filled with customers on any given day at any given's the baby bites. Petite baby bites (about 2 bites) of their specialty cakes.

It's easy to be taken by the flavors such as Italian Cream, Marbled, Caramel Cake, Vanilla, Red Velvet, Turtle, Double Chocolate to mention a few.

...Please excuse me and allow me to wipe the drool off of my keyboard....

Their cakes have not only won the attention of this here blogger, they have also been crowned by the Moss Rock Festival for at least a couple occasions as BEST in Taste.

My mother will agree.

Sure you will want to walk out with one of these.....

But you will leave satisfied with a box of these goodies.

A tip...hide them if you don't want to share.

Share if you want to make friends.

Pastry Art Bake Shoppe

1927 29th Avenue South

Birmingham, AL 35209

(205) 877-3852

*Leigh is a full time mother, a part time photographer and writer. Her photography and written work is featured in several professional business and local publications. She owns her own photography business, Photographic Memories. Leigh resides in the Alabama with her three children and husband "Big Daddy". You can read more of Leigh's daily adventures by visiting any of her three blogs: Tales from Bloggeritaville , Plates and Places , as well as Photographic Memories Pastry Art Bake Shoppe on Urbanspoon


Unknown said...

That is just right down the street from where I work! I might have to run over and check them out. It looks yummy! Doesn't seem to far away from Savage's either... I grew up in Homewood and will always love Savage's!

Heather said...

I just discovered Pastry Art last year and was astounded since I grew up in Homewood I'd never been in before. I am forever changed & probably gaining pounds because of this place. The owner will tell you its the "Crackhouse of Homewood" because people say they can't get enough. I get these every time I have an excuse fabulous. I've never had anything so moist. By far my favorite treat. Cathy, my family has long time been Savage's fan as well but I'm a convert. Savages doesn't even taste the moistness in these babies! :)
Heather @

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