Friday, May 14, 2010

Best Post of the Week: Feature Another Blogger Week!

This week, link in the best post you've read recently by ANOTHER Alabama Blogger. In your link title, include your name or blog and their name or blog, and let us know in the comments why you chose their post!

So, link up, tell us why you linked that post, and let's start reading!

Be sure to link in a specific post, not just the general URL of the blog.


Jamie said...

I chose Lisa's post about the prospect of Mother's Day when you are struggling with infertility. Her entire blog provides a great front row seat for their journey.

Kristen said...

Shoot....I posted my post about our trip to Belize...Sorry!
(Its about our story and our wedding...its still a good read)

Wade Kwon said...

I love being able to share some of the Birmingham blogs I've been reading ...

4. Bhamarchitect, a k a Jeremy Erdreich, shows off a new downtown gallery.

5. The Jen West Quest - a new blog about my friend's goal of losing 40 pounds.

6. The Second Front - Kyle Whitmire's new blog. A post about the new mayor's methods and ideas.

7. Erin Shaw Street - Nurturing writing among local teens.

8. Hugh's News - Erin's dad remembers the Kent State massacre 40 years ago this month.

If you haven't linked up and introduced yourself yet, be sure to go here to do so!