Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Montgomery Restaurants

By Kristin

This week, I wanted to share a few places here in Montgomery that we frequent.

My hubby and I love to find new restaurants. Eating out is always a treat for us, especially when my parents watch our son, so we try to find places where we can enjoy good food, reasonable prices, and a nice atmosphere. We also adhere to the Three Strikes and you're out policy...in most cases.

I know everyone has been to a Japanese style steak & sushi bar, where they serve up Tepanyaki dining and entertainment in addition to fresh food that is cooked before your very eyes. Here in Montgomery, we have three. Miyako Japanese Steak & Sushi Bar, Shogun Japanese Steak and Sushi Bar, and Kabuki Japanese Steakhouse. I am a super fun person to take to these restaurants because I am HIGHLY allergic to seafood. I have learned how to order, and it has only been a problem in one of these restaurants. At Shogun's & Kabuki they will cook my meal in the kitchen, and bring it to the table when everyone else is getting served, but at Miyako's they are kind enough to cook the seafood last (after my protein has been removed from the grill) so all of my food comes fresh off the grill and is just as fabulous as everyone elses. Other customers who share the table with us have never complained, although sometimes they ask why they are getting their shrimp at the same time as their protein. The cost at all three is about the same, but we keep going back to Miyako's. I think they have the best soup & salad.

Now...lets talk Mexican. I know in everyone's town there are at least five Mexican places to choose from. Well, I am only going to pick out three. We have San Marcos, Ixtapa, and No Way Jose. They all serve similar fare, but the salsa at each is very different. We have also found that No Way Jose has the freshest produce, and least greasy meats. Ixtapa has the hottest salsa, Jose's has the most peppered salsa, and San Marcos is perfect every time...but they do have the best sweet tea! The atmosphere is great at all of the restaurants, and where we end up simply depends on what part of town we will be in.

One last little piece of heaven I am going to share with you...Mr. G's. This is a Greek and Italian Mediterranean Eatery, and we have tried ALOT of the menu. The service is a little slow, but very through. We leave there blissful and content every time. This is the only place to get Greek in Montgomery. I especially love that all the desserts are homemade every other day, and they don't cost the crazy price that you are charged at most dining establishments. So the next time you are in the area....you should come try!

I blog here and you should drop by to see the fun things that are going on in my world! Oh, and this will be my last post for a few weeks...I am taking some time off to have a baby :)

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