Monday, January 11, 2010

Center Stage: Boomama

By Jamie

Welcome back to Center Stage where we take a fanfare look at one of the many great blogs being churned out here in Alabama. You can find past spotlights here.

Mommy bloggers are fabulous. I know they are the majority of folks visiting my own cyber journal so I would never speak ill will. Trust me.

However, I used to think their blogs wouldn't resonate since my life is wrapped in sleep and travel and working long hours. Of course, moms are often wrapped up in the same things - I just get to keep all my money.

Boo Mama
Boo Mama is an actual mommy. But she's that and much more. Even though she's produced one more child than me, I knew we were kindred spirits when I discovered a category of posts entitled "TV is my Friend."

Boo Mama writes with a nice dry wit about her son, her husband, her faith and her adventures on the interwebby. I'm now a faithful follower.

Finally, she doesn't care for unicorns. That's good people.

Jamie is a planner of events by day and chaser of shiny things by night. Follow her trails at Jamie's Rabbits. If you'd like to have your blog featured on "Center Stage" then contact Jamie so she can swing by your neck of the internet woods. Please know she sometimes shows up uninvited, so you may see your blog on stage if she really digs it.


Leslie said...

I love Boomama, too.

MamaHen said...

BooMama was the first one I read on a regular basis. She is great!

If you haven't linked up and introduced yourself yet, be sure to go here to do so!