Monday, January 4, 2010

January Meet-Up Reminder!!!

I missed meeting up with all of you in December!! Although I can imagine that none of us had a spare moment TO meet!

We've been having a great time visiting, brainstorming, and learning at our meet-ups, so I hope you can join us!

The next meet-up will be Thursday, January 14th starting at 11:00 (come late if you need to - we're always there for quite a while!!) at Qdoba in Homewood (it's like Moe's, only better).

The address is:
437 Green Springs Hwy.
Homewood, AL 35209

Please RSVP either on this post or on the previous post regarding this meet-up so that we know how many to plan for!

As usual, the Twitter hashtag for this event is #AlaBlogMeet. Help spread the word!!


Lianne said...

Aww shucks! I am in charge of a meeting that night. There's no way I can make it. :*(

Anonymous said...

Great article! Well stated!!

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Valerie said...

I think I can make it!

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

Hate I cannot come....:(

If you haven't linked up and introduced yourself yet, be sure to go here to do so!