Friday, April 26, 2013

Giveaway - Y’all Connect Conference! {$129 Value}

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On July 23, Birmingham will once again have a major social media conference: Y’all Connect. Focused on helping companies use social media tools wisely and efficiently, many experts will be teaching the basics of corporate storytelling.

The conference’s director, Wade Kwon, explains the value in this skill: “Many bloggers already know how to tell a good story about their kids or their lives, but businesses often stumble when talking about their own histories. We can help. Instead of selling and marketing, they will find ways to attract fans and customers through good stories and strong engagement.”

The speakers at Y’all Connect will include familiar Birmingham icons as well as national experts, all of whom utilize social media tools with great expertise. So far, this fantastic group includes James Spann, Ike Pigott, Andrea Weckerle, Nichole Kelly, Peter Shankman, Whitney Breaux, Shelly Kramer and Mack Collier.

"Y'all Connect is a conference aimed at CEOs and marketing managers who want to show how their companies stand out,” Kwon explains. “They may have used blogging and Facebook and Twitter, but aren't sure how to use them wisely and efficiently.”

This conference isn’t focused on theory and motivational speeches - there will be practical takeaways so that the attendees can leave and immediately put new ideas to use to expand their business’ social media platform.

"We expect 500 attendees, with half coming from all across Alabama and the rest coming from out of state. I can't wait to show off my hometown of Birmingham," Kwon states.

There will be a kickoff party on the evening of July 22, then on July 23, sessions and speakers will be scheduled from 8:30-6:00, followed by a closing night party. As such, there will be significant amounts of time for learning and networking.

The conference will be held at the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center, and lodging will be available at a discounted rate in the adjoining Sheraton Hotel.

If you would like to attend, I have one conference pass to give away! To enter, follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter Widget below:


But if you don’t win, I do have a Promo Code for the rest of you: Enter ALABLOGSWEET for $30 off regular tickets!

This giveaway is open until Monday, May 6 and the randomly chosen winner will be announced on Tuesday, May 7

Best of luck!


Unknown said...

I would love to learn how to better use social media. I know I have a lot to learn so would be keen on optimization!

Anonymous said...

I really want to make my blog posts for a client sing, and it's tough to do when you are writing about topics they have already covered and the company is in a different state. Would love advice on that!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I'd like to attend this event to connect with other Alabama bloggers and to learn how I can use social media in my business and website. -- Leslie Wiggins

Darlene said...

I'm excited to learn best practices on how to improve my current blog. And it would be swell to win a complimentary ticket.

Wade Kwon said...

Thanks, Rachel! I can't wait to see all the Alabama Bloggers in July.

Buddy Roberts said...

I look forward to the opportunity of improving and sharpening my skills as a storyteller.

Randomeis said...

Interested in seeing each speakers take on the craft.

Jamie said...

I would like to learn how to better prompt social media followers and fans to take action and help become part of the efforts made at my nonprofit day job and with my personal social media...

Unknown said...

I think anyone could learn to use social media better. I would like to win this.

Anna Grace said...

This conference seems like it would be a great opportunity to network with professionals who are knowledgeable in the field of communications. As a college student and online editor for the student newspaper, I would benefit tremendously from this experience. I would love to win the free ticket to this conference because of the endless opportunities it could present for me in my future professional endeavors.

Unknown said...

I would love to attend this conference...I love Alabama because we are blessed with such diverse geography and take it for granted. There is no other state with white beaches, lakes, streams, rivers and a mountain range to brag of!

Little River Canyon alone is one of the best kept secrets in the nation and rivals those treasures out West if you know how to explore it!

I would love to attend the conference so I can learn more about how to get the word out to the world in ways other than as the Day Trip Correspondent~

Thanks! Allison

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