Wednesday, May 30, 2012

See For Yourself: Week Two

See For Yourself is a weekly feature on Alabama Bloggers that gives you a short list of great bloggers that you should be following.  Click through to their blogs and see for yourself why!

Wade @ Birmingham Blogging Academy (Twitter: WadeOnTweets) - Wade offers second-to-none blogging advice and social media tips that will revolutionize the way that you look at the media tools that you (mis?)use everyday.

Angie and Trish @ BirminghamMommy (Twitter: BirminghamMommy) - If you're a Mom in Birmingham, you should be following Birmingham Mommy! They are the premier resource for what's going on around town for kids and families.  They also offer heartfelt and honest essays about parenthood and how to handle the challenges therein.

Ike @ Occam's Razr (Twitter: IkePigott) - Ike offers a unique and insightful investigative view on life.  He will always make you think, challenge you to delve deeper, and encourage you to pay better attention to the world around you.

Steph @ Plain Chicken (Twitter: PlainChicken) - If you're hungry and are currently unable to reach food, don't go to her blog.  However, if you're looking for some great new ideas and recipes, Plain Chicken is where it's at.

Rambling Round @ Selma Daily Photo (Twitter: RamblingRound) - Live in the beautiful town of Selma vicariously through this blog.  But be ready to travel, because she'll make you want to come visit.

Will you be featured next week?  Check back to See For Yourself!  And feel free to make nominations for blogs that should be featured in future See For Yourself features!


The Brown Recluse (TBR) said...

I was looking around your site, and I just realized what a lot of work must be involved! I wanted to say thank you and tell you that it's appreciated.

Wade Kwon said...

Thanks, Rachel! What an honor.

Brandi said...

Great list!

If you haven't linked up and introduced yourself yet, be sure to go here to do so!