Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Newly Listed Alabama Bloggers!

So I put it off long enough.

Way too long, in fact.

I spent over four hours yesterday getting the Alabama Blogger's List updated.  Not only did I get all of the newly listed blogs in place, but I also clicked on every link on the list, deleted the blogs that were no longer there, and moved the inactive-but-still-in-existance blogs to the bottom of the list in their own category.

So that means that the Alabama Blogger's List is now fully accurate, and only houses current, active Alabama Blogs.

I don't know about you, but I want to cry with relief of a job well done.

(Clearly, you're not crying.  That's okay.  I'll cry enough for the both of us.)

Check out the newly updated list, let me know if youand in particular, visit these newly listed bloggers and welcome them to the network:

Adam and Wendy @ A&W (Auburn)
Mary Frances @ The Stanfords (Montgomery)
Anna @ The Cross Is All
Karla @ Gathering Life (North Alabama)
Erin @ Dwell and Tell
Matt @ The FilmNerds Blog
Clementine @ Restless and Roaming Returns to the Roost (Birmingham)
Magnolia Mom
Patsy @ Hayden Express (Hayden)
Shea @ Dixie Chik Cooks (Helena)
Ike @ Occam's Razr (Birmingham)
Hands Free Mama
Groone's World
Will @ The Dairyman's Blog  
Turkana @ Unique Family Vision
Stephanie Holland @ She-Conomy
Bryants of Bham (Birmingham)
Sand Castles and Snow Forts
Tonya @ The Traveling Praters (North Alabama)
Javacia @ Georgia Mae (Birmingham) 
Jonathan @ Shadow Moments
Dino's Deliberations 
Russell @ Geek Palaver (Huntsville) 
Stacey @ Southern Bite
Misty @ The Family Math
Karla @ Casual Bedlam (Birmingham, Huntsville)
Andrea @ A Modern Hippie (Fort Rucker)
Moody Paints (Birmingham Area)
MoniqueBlog (Birmingham)
Audrey @ Folkways Nowadays (Birmingham)
Connect to Your Coast
Buddy @ The Cobalt Club (Birmingham)
Martha @ Wholesale Clothes Center (Helena) 
Amanda @ Lovin' the Beast
Julia @ Green Quilts  (Birmingham)
Jerri @ Mom-E-Centric 
Same Chic Different Day
Chris @ New Media Influence 
Laura @ Owl Tell You All About It and earphoria (Locust Fork)
Amy @ Living In Harmony
fjlanders @ Home of Owl
Danielle @ Changing Lanes 
Cindy @ Cindy M Jones and Cahaba Christian Writers (Birmingham)
bfarr @ Chattahoochee Valley Daily (Phenix City) 
Lucy @ Word Crank
Amie Beth Shaver (Birmingham)
Alana @ The Karl Family (Tuscaloosa)
Rhonda @ Abide At Home (Dothan)
Nathan @ Geek Alabama (Anniston) 
Bridget @ Fit Past Forty
Kristin @ Tips From the Disney Diva (Huntsville)
Benjamin @ Problems and Solutions
Ailsa @ Guilt-Free Cuisine
Jennifer @ Tales of a Peanut 
Ben @ Might Stain Your Shirt (Birmingham)
Donna @ Is This Load Bearing? (North Alabama)
Belinda @ A Simple Life
Jamie @ Brown Paper and Strings
One Minute Mantra
Erica @ The Gut Bucket (Southwest Alabama)
Jennifer @ Of Heaven and Earth (Birmingham)
Liz @ Lazy Liz on Less
Louise @ My Life
Debra @ Words are Timeless
Chris Rainey
Taren @ Craggyosaurus (Birmingham)
Martha @ The Things I Get Myself Into (Helena)
Untitled [1986] (Birmingham)
Rosedale Gardens (Tuscumbia)
Christy @ Christys Crafts (Birmingham)
Irene @ Live Your Poem (Birmingham)
Where Is Main Street?
Christine @ Fly Fish Chick (Mobile)
Crunchy In Alabama
Christen @ The Uncontainable Truth (Montgomery)
Kate @ Good Fences Make Good Neighbors (Birmingham)
Jenny @ Strickly Strickland's (Dothan)

Go visit these Alabama Blogging Neighbors!!


Wade Kwon said...

You rock, Rachel!

Alexis said...

Thanks for including my blog!


Nick Patterson said...

Please list my blog,
nickpattersonfreelance.wordpress.com,which is based in Birmingham.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Rachel!!

Eldon Reed, writer said...

I've tried the "go to" link to try to link up to Alabama Bloggers and introduce myself, but it won't accept my URL of www.eldonreedbooks.com It's asking for some wierd stuff that, when entered, doesn't work

If you haven't linked up and introduced yourself yet, be sure to go here to do so!