Friday, February 3, 2012

Hear the King of Alabama Social Media at the next alsocme meet!

I've been waiting for this moment since I first heard of the forming of alsocme. When I received the email yesterday, it's a possibility that I might have squealed with girlish glee.

James Spann is speaking.

There is quite literally no one in the state of Alabama that deserves more respect and honor for their utilization of social media, and as such, no one more qualified to share innovative and effective ways to use the tools of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Blogging.

Just recently, after the last tornado hit our area, Mr. Spann was able to leverage his social media presence along with his followers' retweets and responses to gain the attention of ABC's national news, who had reported that Alabama was struck with "surprise" tornadoes with "no warning", which was clearly untrue. They later aired a much more accurate story as well as conducting an interview with Spann, although I'm unaware if the latter was ever aired.

From the alsocme site:
“The secret to social media is all about treating people right, and getting them engaged,” Spann says. Attendees will learn how to increase followers and create more meaningful conversations through his practical examples and insight.

I highly recommend attending this FREE event. It is scheduled for Monday, February 20th at 11:15 at the Hill Event Center. Lunch will be provided by Ted's Restaurant. Be sure to register at before all spots are gone!!

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Wade Kwon said...

I love this, Rachel! Thank you on behalf of ALsocme.

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