Monday, August 15, 2011

Pratt City: Still in Need of Your Help!

Jamie, Wade, Javacia, Cindy, and I volunteered on Saturday at the Pratt City Tornado Relief Center.  PrattCity0811B

We checked customers in and took them around to the various rooms, gathering the supplies that they needed.


(Thank you so much to Jamie for taking some awesome photos for us.)

It was a blessing to be able to do something – small as it may have been – to help those so decimated by April 27th.

We got to talk in depth with the directors and see the inside view of what is going on, almost four months later.

They still have hundreds of needy, displaced people coming through their doors every week.


Yet, so many in the world have forgotten the pain that still permeates our state – volunteers are significantly down, as are donations.

Pratt City was decimated in the storms, entire blocks completely wiped away.

Yet there is hope.


They are trying to make their comeback, but they need our help – just as we would need their help if it had been our neighborhood instead of theirs.

If you can give, the relief center would gladly take your donations.  Especially for items like canned goods, paper products, batteries, diapers, brooms and mops.

If you can volunteer, they are always in need of more help!  The staff there have been volunteering tirelessly for months, so support for them to take a respite would be much appreciated. 

They are located at 1517 Hibernian Street, off of Highway 78 directly after the walking bridge over the road.

They are open Wednesdays through Saturdays every week.  Call 791-7562 to let them know what day you can help – any amount of time would be appreciated!

Also, they are having an exciting opportunity on August 23rd for which they need many volunteers:  Women’s clothier Alfred Dunner is sending a delivery of new clothes to Temple Emmanuel in 5 Points South to be distributed to Tornado Survivors.

They need 40 volunteers anytime between the hours of 9 AM and 7 PM on the 23rd to help distribute these supplies, as well as some volunteers on 8/22 to help set up.  If you can help at any time on either of these days, please contact regclark (at) bellsouth (dot) net.


Wade Kwon said...

Thanks for organizing our volunteer session. It was my second time at the Pratt City center, and they always help a lot of people in need.

More of Jamie's wonderful photos.

Jamie said...

Ditto to Wade on how grateful I am for you making this a priority. It reminded me of the continuing need in my own backyard!

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