Friday, December 17, 2010

Best Post of the Week: Feature Another Blogger Week!

This week, link in the best post you've read recently by ANOTHER Alabama Blogger. In your link title, include your name or blog and their name or blog, and let us know in the comments why you chose their post!

So, link up, tell us why you linked that post, and let's start reading!

Be sure to link in a specific post, not just the general URL of the blog.


Alison @ Ingredients, Inc. said...

Hope you're doing well! Happy holiday season!

Rachel said...

Okay, so my choice this week isn't an eloquently-written blog post (although the person I'm featuring has MANY of those on his site), but it is a video that has made me laugh all week, so I just had to share. Hope you enjoy!

Rachel said...

...and as a "real" blog post, I'm featuring Country-Fried Mama, who talks about the strange time-warp that happens to us Moms without us even realizing it.

Wade Kwon said...

I have three to share this week:

5. Magic City Post - Laura Kate Whitney (who blogs at Magic City Manifesto) shares her shop local for the holidays experience in a 3-part series.

6. The Messy Epicure - Jason Horn made homemade tamales, and shows how he did it.

7. Who Ate My Blog - Stephen Vinson will be featured on an upcoming mini-reality series on ABC 33/40 about losing weight.

Looking forward to your posts.


Rachel said...

I had to come back and link one more - this one from Grass Stains - of the best Christmas Story I've read yet this year!

Green Door Girl said...

I reposted my holiday traditions post from a guest blog :)

Cathy Reisenwitz said...

I linked to the urban sprawl article because I thought it was really interesting and I'd never heard that before.

If you haven't linked up and introduced yourself yet, be sure to go here to do so!