Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blogger Meet-Up at iCantina - and save money!!

As you know, our next Alabama Blogger meet-up is at iCantina on 10/22. If you're coming (and I hope you are - we always have an EXCELLENT time), then I highly recommend you check out today's BigBHAM deal of the day - it's a $20 Gift Certificate to iCantina for only $10!!!

The deal runs out in about 30 hours, so be sure to buy one soon if you want one!!

Just thought I'd share since the timing was so perfect.

Here's the rest of the info on the meet-up, in case you missed it:

Our next meet-up will be on Friday, October 22nd at 11:30am. We'll meet at iCantina on Highway 119 off of 280. I know this is a little further out of town than usual, but I try to move it around so that it is convenient for different groups of people, and since we've never had a meet-up this far down 280, I figured it was time.

If you can come, be sure to RSVP so that I can save you a seat. But if you find out that you can at the last minute, still feel free to join us! I hope to see you there!!

The hashtag is #AlaBlogMeet .

iCantina's address is:
6801 Cahaba Valley Rd.
Birmingham, AL
(205) 408-4110


Mrs. Jennifer said...

Okay do we just live in a world of too much "i" stuff (iPod, iPhone, iPad) or am I the wrong one here - I thought it was just "Cantina" and the "i" was actually an upside down exclamation point which is what you do in the spanish language?? If I'm wrong - big laugh. But if you're wrong, Rachel, we're holding an intervention for some time away from your iPhone...

Rachel said...

That makes so much more sense now!!! :)

I kept wondering why the i was there sometimes, and not others....

I feel so enlightened.

Anonymous said...

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