Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Something to do in your neck of the Woods

By Kristin

Something to get the creative juices flowing...

My girlfriends and I try to do something together every so often. We have been friends since highschool, and since we graduated almost 12 years ago...that is really saying something.
We don't talk on the phone everyday, we all have very busy lives, but we make that time to get together, to refresh our spirits. Sometimes you just need a time out from being Momma, Wife, Girlfriend, Daughter, and Sister.

We decided to try something new last night, and we headed out to Corks and Canvas. They are all over Alabama now, and under different names (Sips and Strokes is another).

For the $30 pricetag, you can BYOB (in my case it was sweet tea) and snacks, and then you are instructed in reproducing a piece of art work. All of the supplies are included, and you have an instructor available who is painting along, answering questions, and assisting as needed.

This is the original painting. With The Waves by Natasha Wescoat. I LOVE it...its so colorful and adventurous.

Well...our painting that we were recreating was based on With the Waves, and it was entitled Funky Tree...because lets face it, that is what it was.

Over the course of two hours, my girlfriends and I put our own creative stamp on this picture. We talked, munched, laughed, compared our masterpeices in progress, and generally had a great time.

Step One....The red, the blue, and the melding of the two.

Step Two...The hills...

Step Three...We penciled in our tree, painted the tree, and then added our circles.

And Voila! My finished product. Funky Tree a la Kristen. We added the colorful brushstrokes at the base of the tree to represent the leaves, and I outlined my tree in black.

Its not exactly perfect. But this is the first time that I have picked up a paintbrush to do anything other than painting a room...so I think I did a pretty good job. We all had such a great experience, and time FLEW by...it was pushing 9pm before we knew it.

This is the perfect activity for date night, or for a group of friends to get together and have a good time. And when you go...come back to tell us about your experience, and show off your MAD skills!

I blog at http://thedevinemrbaileyjackson.blogspot.com/ and I have fun stuff like meal planning (a must for working families!) and stuff going on in our world...drop by and see me sometime!



Amanda said...

Sounds like fun! I think you did a great job!

Rachel said...

That looks awesome! I love your picture! I love the more modern ones like that. I've got to go to Sips and Strokes and give it a try!

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