Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"The List" is Updated!! And a New List??

I just finished updating "The List" of Alabama Bloggers (which is sorted by geographical location), and I thought that I'd share with you our latest listings. I'm going to try to do this every time I do an update, but we'll see if I remember. I've been clicking through these newly discovered Alabama Blogs and have greatly enjoyed it! Go visit them and say hi!

Heather @ Saving Money and Living Life
Belinda @ A Simple Life
Donna @ Sugar, Spice and Southern Life
David @ Blogchapel
Edwards @ EdwardsTheGreat
Alison @ Ingredients, Inc.
Heather @ Saving Money and Living Life
Mr. Macabre @ Mr. Macabre
Daily Panic @ A Day on the Orb Edge
Susan @ Three Girls and a Guy
TSM @ Multitasking Momma
Rambling Round @ Selma Daily Photo
Deb @ Deb's Garden
Kristen @ The Cunningham Family
MT @ Unexpected Grace
Jamie @ Follow the Lines Going South
Charissa @ MiMi's Babies

Also - I keep thinking that we need another list that breaks bloggers down by category. Right now we just have location, but it might be helpful to identify all Alabama Bloggers in your blogging genre. If I were to do this, what categories would you like to see? Here are some I can think of:

Mommy Blogs

What other categories do we need?


Love Bears All Things said...

I saw your link on Tales from Bloggeritaville.
I would like to visit other Alabama
blogs. This is a neat idea.
Mama Bear
Huntsville, AL

Cherry Berry said...

Hi! I'm glad I found this site! I love finding other Alabama bloggers! Maybe I can come to one of your "meet up's" soon!
I'm in the Jasper area and I'm a mommy and life blogger!

Kristen said...

Crafty...that is one of my folders in my Google Reader.

Tony M said...

As far as categorizing blogs - I would suggest the ability to multiply categorize them. My blog runs from technology to humor to who-knows-what, so picking a single category would be difficult. That being said, maybe there should be a "half check" option - e.g., you "fully check" the category if that's ALL that your blog is focussed on, and "half check" it if that's part of (or sometimes) what you have on your blog.

Or maybe just add a "random" category...

Anonymous said...

Craft/Hobby category. I'm a craft/hobby/art/photography/book/life blogger. All things I love so it's what I share.

j said...

Sounds like a great idea. I have no idea how to categorize my blog though. Could you have a "Ridiculously Random" category? Lazy and Messy? Grammar Challenged? Bumpkin Blogger?

Whatever, I trust you :)

Marie said...

I like the multiple categories idea. For instance, I a Mommy blogger but also (and not exclusively) a Mommy with a child with special needs blogger, oh and somewhat of a medical reference blogger and I frequently allude to or outright mention how I could do nothing without faith.

Kathryn Lang said...

work at home

If you haven't linked up and introduced yourself yet, be sure to go here to do so!