Saturday, November 13, 2010

Meet-Up Attendee Links

We had an awesome Meet-up at Urban Standard yesterday - Thanks to all of you who came out!! If you're looking for someone that was there, here were the attendees:

Rhoda of Southern Hospitality
Wade of Wade Kwon and Magic City Post
Katherine of Grass Stains
Nanci of Potential Birmingham
Karla Porter of Archer Creative
Carl of Over Coffee Media
Jessica of Dogingham
Andrea Walker of W Social Marketing
Andre Natta of Dre's Ramblings and The Terminal
Brian Jordan of Product Recall Monitor
and me, Rachel of Alabama Bloggers and Grasping for Objectivity

Thanks to everyone for coming out!!

And thank you also to those of you stepping up to help host the meet-ups while I'm out on Maternity leave - here's what you can be looking forward to:

December's meet-up will be in Huntsville and hosted by Carol Marks - details can be found here.
January's meet-up will be hosted by Wade - more details will be posted here later.
February's meet-up will be hosted by Nanci - more details will be posted here later.


Green Door Girl said...

I know you wanted a host for Dec-Feb because of the baby, but I would be willing to host in March - a central Alabama location! :)

Sharon @ Crooked Creek Studio said...

Surely hate that I wasn't able to attend this month's meet-up. Really enjoyed meeting some of you folks last month. Rachel, wishing you well on the upcoming birth!

If you haven't linked up and introduced yourself yet, be sure to go here to do so!