Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Other Birmingham: Confused Skylines.

Fiona contacted me from Birmingham UK with a series of posts contrasting the two Birminghams. She visited our Birmingham and saw many similarities with her own, and wrote a fascinating series of posts on them. She has kindly offered for some of them to be reprinted here - I'm sure you'll find them as intriguing as I did!

By Fiona Cullinan

Spot the difference? Hopefully you can, but our skylines became notoriously linked when a Birmingham City Council designer used a picture of Birmingham Alabama’s skyline on a Birmingham UK recycling leaflet in 2008. Full story here…

Did you spot which was which? Click on the pics to see them at a larger size.

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j said...

I recognize the view of Birmingham USA. It looks like the area that my husband and I would visit when we were dating. That is a romantic photo to me :)

The similarities between the two skylines is pretty cool!

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